I was recently introduced to a laser process called Zerona.  Zerona is a mechanism that was introduced in 2008 that uses a low level laser process in order to get rid of fat.  The process is a lot like liposuction.  The difference is that it isn’t a surgery.  It’s actually a lot more like tanning than anything else.  While that the actual mechanism of how it works isn’t totally clear, the results are amazing.  I have seen people that have lost up to 40 pounds.  It has an almost identical result to liposuction.  But, there is no cuts or slices.  The process works a laser that doesn’t penetrate your skin.  The usual progression takes a recommended two weeks.  Each week, you would need to have three treatments. Most people say that a treatment is actually very relaxing.  All you have to do is lay down and let the lasers do their work.  The treatment doesn’t work through clothes so you would have to wear the sort of clothes that you would wear to the tanning salon.  After three sessions per week for two weeks, you can expect to lose up to twenty pounds.  Zerona is absolutely amazing.  There are several ways that you can increase the results.  The first thing everybody should do is hydrate.  They say that before you have a treatment, you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.  That means that if you weigh 160 pounds then you should drink 80 ounces of water.  I personally weigh a lot so I would have to drink a ton of water.  In general hydration is actually a very important thing not only for weight loss but also for your health in general.  Another thing that is recommended for you before treatments that is also a good idea for your health in general is eating extra fiber.  Usually they recommend two apples right before you go in for a treatment.  There are a lot of ways to get fiber.  Celery, broccoli, and avocados are all very high in fiber.   After the treatments, it is recommended that you receive a massage.  Once again, massages are great for your overall health in general.  After massages, you are often told to take a hot bath with a tub full of Epsom salt.  That same bath will do wonders for you after a Zerona treatment for the same reasons that it works for massages.  After a massage, the toxins that were held in your muscles flow through your blood stream.  The Epsom salt bath helps to pull those toxins out of your pores.  An Epsom salt bath after Zerona treatment will actually pull the fat cells that are realeased during the treatment out of you pores.  I think Zerona might change the world.  While the immediate effect of Zerona is that many people will be able to lose some body fat that will in turn make them feel good about themselves.  Eventually, Zerona might be used to end the epidemic of obesity that is overtaking America.

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