urgent care chandler

I’ve been on the city council for the town of Chandler for over thirty years now and in that time I have seen a lot of changes around here. I can still remember the excitement when the recreation center opened up and I was there for the opening day of the outdoor pool…the line for the water slide went half way around the block! Yes I’ve seen a lot come and go in my day but I’ve never been more excited than I am about the new Urgent Care center in Chandler. Finally our fine citizens will have a wonderful place to go when their loved ones are sick and suffering. It’s located right downtown across from the fountain in the old shopping center. It’s a huge location that has over twenty individual rooms to service patients who have come in for a medical emergency and those who have set up an appointment to be seen by one of their medical professionals.

Don’t think that just because this isn’t a hospital emergency room means that you won’t be getting the same level of care. In fact, every person who works at this urgent care center has at one time or another worked in a hospital and they have years of experience doing so. The doctor who founded the Urgent Care center in Chandler himself worked as an ER doc for over ten years but left that practice to open these chain of clinics. In total there are over fourteen clinics in the Southwest region of the US and they have plans to expand even further in the coming years. Each branch that opens up follows the original doctor’s philosophy of always having compassion for the patient and putting their needs far ahead of yours. That could mean a variety of things but often it means being selfless, being a good communicator and have compassion at all times.

Competition for patients money is stiff these days and that is the reason why health care facilities are so concerned with patient satisfaction scores. These scores are published every month for every person to read and compare and they really do have an effect on one places volume of business. The emergency room at the hospital has consistently rated very low for a number of things such as wait time and time spent with the doctor.

At the Urgent Care center in Chandler they strive to have a good ratio of patients to nurses so you never have to wait around for a nurse wondering where he/she is. Every member of their staff is held to the same high standards of practice that the doctors are and if you just take one visit there you can see this in every person there. They use your name when talking to you, always communicate what is going to happen and in what time frame and they always do so with a smile. It makes you feel so much better knowing that you aren’t a burden on anyone and that the people helping you feel better actually care about you.

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