wedding bands

Whenever I think back on my wedding day I smile. We had family come in from all over the country and everyone flew down to Mexico for a destination wedding. It was fun seeing everyone out of their home and I’m having a blast on the beach. Our marriage was at Sunset and it couldn’t have been more romantic. Afterwords we had dancing and live music and everyone partied until the morning hours. There are many pictures and videos of this day but some of my favorite memories exist only in my mind. When I want to think of my beautiful wife however, I need only to look down at my wedding band and I can think of how her and I designed it together.

Most people aren’t aware that it is even possible to design your wedding band. The truth is that there are more and more jewelry stores opening up around the country that are providing this very special service. However, our research and experience has shown us that there is nobody better than Davidson jewels. They made us feel like royalty from the moment we even walked in there for our consultation. They saw how much love we had for each other and they helped us achieve designing a ring that displays that and so much more. We could tell right then and there that this was no ordinary jewelry store.

This excellent level of customer service and caring never wavered one bit. They were always open and honest with us in an attempt to get us to open up and communicate on a higher level. Designing a diamond ring is a very intimate experience and it can sometimes be a very emotional one as well. Be prepared to be open and honest during your consultation if you want to make the best ring possible. Before you leave the jewelry store on your second trip you will have created a working 3-D computer file of your ring and depending how quickly you work you may even get a printed 3-D model to try on. These models do not have any gold or diamonds in them but they will be an exact replica of your engagement ring to see if you like the size, shape and style. This is also the time with they will fashion the ring to fit you exactly so your Davidson jewelsring will fit you better than anything you could have ever picked out any store.

We thought it was really neat to meet with Ian Davidson himself while he was polishing and inspecting our ring. He talked with us about what made our restring special and how he can feel our love through that object. All in all it was a much more different experience and more eye-opening than I ever imagined. I’m glad we decided to create and design our own engagement rings. Now every time we are apart all we have to do is look down and feel the love of our partner.

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