More and more business is being conducted online. As digital media continues to be entrenched in our everyday lives, it is hard to get away from the realization that this is the new norm for businesses. And as a consumer, I think that it is great. It makes my life easier and more convenient. As businesses go online and create a more consumer-friendly marketplace, they have to learn to represent their business in a different than they used to. You cannot use the old methods of marketing in the same ways as before. If you are going to use older principles of marketing, they have to be applied to a digital format. Online reputation management is one of the ways that businesses are adapting and adjusting to a changing format for business representation. Online reputation marketing is a great way of keeping positive information about your business flowing and monitoring the dissemination of one disgruntled customer. But even reputation marketing services are changing as the Internet changes. Because the Internet is necessarily on computers, which are basically very big calculators, the underlying grid of the Internet is composed of numbers. That means that your businesses digital presence is also a matter of numbers. That means that people out there that are far better at math than I am are able to analyze particular strains of number related to your business to better understand who is visiting your website, what they are doing on your website, which changes and adjustments to your marketing strategies are having which affects, and so on. Statisticians are having their day with reputation management because the knowledge about what works and what does not is the key to efficient marketing. If a particular practice is not working now and the stats indicate that there is no good reason to think that it could work in the future, why would you continue with that practice? You can craft your business’ online reputation more effectively when you understand which practices have an effect upon your demographic. Statistics and impulse work hand in hand. Numbers cannot be creative. Numbers do not suddenly get inspiration. So you can still be creative with how you conduct your business. You do not have to defer to the stats. But the stats do reveal counterintuitive truths that can really steer the direction of your company. They can also help spark creativity. Perhaps you learn from the analysis of your website’s traffic and the reputation stats that a particular marketing strategy is particularly effective. Then you know in which direction to focus your creative efforts. Knowledge is power, and online reputation marketing has the ability to give you considerably more knowledge about your business’ online reputation through statistical analysis. You need to consult with a reputation management company to see what you can do to learn about your online reputation and what can be done to improve it. You are selling people a service or a product, but you are also selling them your brand, which rides upon your reputation.

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