I have to admit it, I am one of those people that finds themselves fixed to the TV after innocently turning the channel to see what is on TLC. Or is it the History Channel? It doesn’t matter because as soon as I find myself watching either Pawn Stars to the self storage auction show, I can’t turn myself away.  Each show has the ability to suck you in and leaves you wanting more and more and more. What they are able to do is find a great mixture between suspense and your ability to judge the value of the items before you actually find out their worth  It is also kind of cool because there are also snippets of history within each episode.

There was one recent episode of Storage Wars that I watched and they were finding all sorts of antique furniture.  The cool thing with the furniture was that it was made in the 18th Century.  All of the sudden, I was able to learn quite a bit about the 18th Century in America.  I have to imagine that that show brought a whole new understanding to everything that is going on with the self storage units.

self storageSelf storage has been around for a very long time in the United States.  It has functioned as a way for people to get access to storage that they would not have previously had at their homes.  This is particularly pertinent for people that live in cities.  It is very difficult for someone to get a shed or a storage locker in the city and so the storage units off a great chance for people to keep some of their valuables without having to store them at their homes.  I know that I would have purchased a storage unit many times if my current place did not have a place to store stuff in the garage.  I guess that it also matters that I do not own a number of things that you would usually find in a garage.  The other thing is that not having room to store anything means that I either have to find a creative place to keep it or I have to get rid of it.  There is no room for me to be keeping things that I do not need.  I even just bought a vacuum and I am having trouble figuring out where I am going to be able to keep it.  I just don’t have any closets.  Nevertheless, that is exactly why storage units are so cool.  You can keep just about anything in there.  In many of the episodes, people are just finding old tax records and papers.  People just want to be able to keep stuff and instead of trying to keep the stuff they just put it in a storage rental and forget about it.  Lots of times they actually do forget about it and that is why the locker shows up on the show for auction and plundering.

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