gutter machineBack in the 1920s my grandfather started his own business to help make ends meet. This business was mainly home improvement to the outside of houses and he went around his neighborhood and others to offer his services. His main services were the installations of awnings and gutters. He was not only good at installing these products, but he was also good at selling them. He was such a good salesman that he often had entire neighborhoods using his awnings and gutters. This business was passed on to my father and I know that someday I will be getting involved myself. Before I am officially put on the payroll, I decided that I would look into ways to improve the business. I figure that if I come up with a good idea I might get to start earlier and my father will know that the business will be in good hands when he retires. It seems like awnings have started to fall out of style, so I have been focusing my efforts on how to improve the gutter end of the business.

In my research into the gutter industry I learned that seamless gutters are all the rage these days. These gutters are preferred over the old sectional style gutters for a number of reasons. First is the function; a seamless gutter requires less screw holes, and since it is a continuous piece of metal, it prevents water from running off or seeping through, thus properly channeling water to the draining section. The second reason is the form; seamless gutters require less implements to hang them and so many people find that they are more attractive looking.

My idea to improve the business is to invest in a seamless gutter machine so we can fabricate our own gutters on the spot. The initial cost of this equipment will be high, but it will pay off in the money we will save by not having to buy the gutters elsewhere. It is much cheaper to make a gutter out of raw material using a gutter machine, so I’m sure that we will earn the initial investment back in no time. These machines are also a good deal easier to transport than a prefabricated seamless gutter. We can simply load it up into our truck and transport it to the work site and set it up to begin work. Another great thing about these machines is that they can be used to create gutters with designs on them. Gutter art can significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of a house, so I think we will be able to market this service quite easily to potential customers. Furthermore, we will be able to charge extra on decorative gutters, thus further increasing our profits. I told my father all about these ideas and he has already made plans to buy one of these machines as soon as possible. He was really proud of me for coming up with these ideas and he is now quite eager to have me join him in the family business.

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