It was a complicated issue and the more we talked about it, the more we seemed to be forgetting why we were doing this all in the first place. Jen and I loved each other and wanted to raise a family together, beyond that we didn’t really know much but the kids were getting to the age where they could understand religious concepts and I wanted to start giving them some information about God and Jesus Christ. I believed strongly in the existence of a lord and savior who’s son, died for our sins, but it didn’t seem like the rest of this country cared too much about any of that anymore. The deterioration of the family in this country began with all the pre-marital sex and the unwanted pregnancies resulting from it. When you’ve got a man, who’s supposed to be a noble, decent person acting in a way that is unbecoming of what a man is supposed to act like, then the family structure doesn’t have a foundation to build itself upon and any attempt at trying without that crucial lynch-pin, is futile.

I felt like I was a strong, family man with my priorities straight and I wanted to find a church for my family to go to. My wife wasn’t as concerned about it as I was but she wasn’t fighting it either so that was ok with me. She usually kept her opinion to herself when it came to religion but she had a personal relationship with God. That was important to me because with the world becoming such a complex place, a couple had to be on the same page when it came to some things in order to have any shot at raising their family with any sense of unity. I wanted to find a churchchurch that not only preached love but also constantly warned of the growing evils in this world. I believe that the worst thing a person could do is deny the existence of evil or take an unhealthy interest in it because they are blinded to it’s influences and more easily manipulated and lead astray by them. I don’t believe in teaching fear but I do believe in teaching caution, the road to salvation is a narrow one and there are countless opportunities in this life to lose your way. I did my best to teach my kids about the evil influences of the world but I didn’t want them to be preoccupied with the notion, I more or less wanted them to be able to think for themselves and make decisions based on logic and reason, not some notion that God will come to the rescue with the answer if they should ever need it. I wanted to choose a christian church specifically because I believed in God and the fact that his one and only begotten son, Jesus Christ, died for each and everyone one of our sins. This wasn’t something that I took lightly and I didn’t want my children to either.

Calvalry Church of Pacific  Palisades

701 Palisades Drive,

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Caber Harmon

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