On one level or another, marijuana testing has been going on in this country for decades. It is not until recently however, that the scientific testing of marijuana has become very big business across the map. Companies are popping up in all different sections of the country that are devoted to testing marijuana and finding how it can best be used to treat different medical problems that are common in today’s population. Cannabis science is a real and respected field today but many remain unaware of what kinds of things are being studied at Americas top testing centers. What are scientists studying and what new things have they discovered in recent times?

The major marijuana testing centers are concentrating on the possible health benefits of marijuana consumption. It has long been know that marijuana does have various therapeutic properties that can help people who suffer from hyper tension and a wide array of sight problems but today the centers for testing the drug are expanding their research and seeking out new ways that marijuana can help people. One of the areas that have received the most attention has been marijuana’s affect on people’s ability to overcome certain nervous disorders. People who suffer from mental health issues such as OCD have shown potential of being helped by marijuana when consumed in small doses and with restricted frequency. Scientist discovered this by using groups of people with different mental health issues and then screening them for improvements while consuming marijuana is a controlled test group. After isolating the possible improvements within the larger group of subjects, the group was broken down into smaller groups and the testing became more specific to the individual’s problem and how well they responded to the use of marijuana.

Cannabis testing has expanded beyond just medical use as well. With all the hundreds of centers who do cannabis testing, some of them have focused in on the recreational aspects of the drug. Some of the testing that has gone on has caught the eye of the science community in general and sparked a lot of debates about marijuana and how it is seen in today’s society. In one test group they looked at the effects of marijuana on a person vs. the effects of alcohol. They especially looked closely at the negative side of each drug. It was found that by large, alcohol has a much stronger negative effect on a person’s personality and that after consuming alcohol the test subject was far more likely to become aggressive, depressed or to suffer from severely impaired judgment, compared to that of people who had consumed marijuana.

With the legalization of marijuana a reality in some states and a definite eventuality in other, there will be more and more scientific interest in the effects of cannabis on the human body and mind. As people loss their prejudices against this drug and the nation begins to embrace it as a tool to fight certain afflictions, there will be a higher need for testing centers than ever before.

Sonny Andrew

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