Palin pregnancy

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Why, that’s not sports either! A bit of riffing on the Palin daughter pregnancy rumors. BC

Why Armando Galarraga is the AL Rookie of the Year. TFP

But this is pretty awesome too.


Whee! It’s college football time, which means the Mid-American Conference is ready to lose all their nonconference matchups in the first week!

Take last night, for example:

Central Michigan 31, Eastern Illinois 12
Well, okay, that’s the conference champion and it’s against a FCS team, so you’re bound to have a win. Certainly some of the worse teams will…

Ball State 48, Northeastern 14
…well, sure, but Ball State was in a bowl. Certainly one of the pissbuckets of the MAC didn’t fare as…

Eastern Michigan 52, Indiana State 0
…The hell? Okay, still. These are just FCS teams. Against other FBS schools, certainly they were blown out at…

Buffalo 42, UTEP 17

Vanderbilt 34, Miami U. 13
Ah, there it is. God, I was scared for a second.

Football is football, and the conference is 4-1 to start the year. Call it the pinnacle of the year, because tomorrow’s games might not yield the delighted results. Fortunately you don’t get any of these channels:

Actually Started A Couple of Minutes Ago, I Just Learned

Temple at Army ESPN Classic
All I can say is: that is without question the right channel to feature this game.

Saturday, August 30

12 noon — Bowling Green at #25 Pittsburgh ESPNU
Kirk Herbstreit said a couple hours ago that this is a trap game for Pitt. Assuming that BGSU never plays defense and always has the ball, he will be correct.

12 noon — Akron at #13 Wisconsin BTN
I have no doubt the Zips can score a touchdown.

2:00 p.m. — Ohio at Wyoming The Mtn.
The last Ohioan to visit Wyoming, I think, was me back in March. And I’ll say this about Wyoming: Mountains.

7:00 p.m. — Western Michigan at Nebraska FSN
Mind you, WMU beat Iowa last year to end the season. And to the Eastern time zone, it’s essentially the same state.

7:00 p.m. — Northern Illinois at Minnesota BTN
Minnesota lost to a certain MAC school last year on a Saturday night game. This was their way of saying they don’t want that to happen again.

7:30 p.m. — Boston College at Kent State ESPNU
They’re playing the game in Browns Stadium. Which means BC might be the finest team to play on that field this year.

(Photo credit: Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)


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Ohbytheway, I did a Sunday Night Baseball live blog for Deadspin. There’s also one coming Thursday night for collafoobah, game TBA.

bc.jpgI’ve known about this for a couple months, but it was finally announced that Blogcritics — an online magazine that’s been around since 2002, and one I’ve written for since 2004 — was bought by Technorati. So now BC finally has a chance to be seen, and Technorati finally has content of its own.

And in probably the worst timed decision of the century, I decided to stop acting as BC’s sports editor back in June, just because I didn’t have time for it. With Deadspin and SPORTSbyBROOKS and Toledo Free Press and Treehouse Fort — occasionally — this here weblogsitepage, it got to a point where I said, “do I really need this? Why push myself any further? Aw, dammit, I have a real job too!”

I still write for BC (see?) as it’s a great venue for the non-sportsy thoughts. Yes, I have knowledge and takes on things outside of men wearing tight trousers kicking balls. Most people probably don’t believe that of the 100 columns I wrote back in college, maybe only two of them were fully about sports. Although in all fairness, I do think about 46 of them mentioned some kind of inept Detroit Tigers or Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher.

But look at it. BC was my roots. My stompin’ grounds. It’s all I had right out of college to publish columns beyond a Blogspot address. And now it’s Technorati’s. That’s just too cool. Now if they can just weed out some of the worst writers on the site, we got ourselves a cash cow.

But it shows how tough it is for a dude or dudes to shine at the top without some kind of financial backing. Yes, the Internet is just the same as it was in the non-Internet. Any good blogger or bloggers are eventually snatched up by some entity with dollars and servers and better web designers. If you ever see folks who maintains a blog for 10 years, you know they’re either (a) getting enough money from advertisers, (b) doing some other side project that’s reaping them more money, or (c) extremely sucky writers.

But the other refreshing truism is that the definitively awesome cream will always, always rise to the top. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to spend three hours coming up with a nickname for Armando Galarraga that I can share with the six readers of The Big Tilde.

Or maybe it just happens after time. [polite applause from coffee house patrons]

It felt like a good time to play Count The Onesies, because there’s little else to do. I was going to throw a Bill Plaschke masterpiece your way, but the damn thing’s three pages and we need some fresh blood.

Jeff Miller, step right up. You were still in Beijing Sunday, which in America Standard Time was next November. You were all ready for some volleyball finals, and being the Orange County Register’s sports columnist, it was time to laud your region for producing great volleyballists who dominated the globe — all while not really being a mainstream sport here in the States. Read more

Kinda sports: Who’s writing a memoir? BC

If the rest of the synchronized swimming team really wanted to win the gold, they’d have all attempted to drown in solidarity. SI

No, Magglio’s not gonna get traded. Peter Gammons said so. TB~

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