Sad, bittersweet news out of the baseball camps today. My favoritest ever Detroit Tiger (only because of this) was traded to the Colorado Rockies today.

So that’s it. He’s gone. The jokes. The laughs. Fin. I really don’t know where to go from here. Read more

Awful Announcing has the Costas Now clips. Intro “Discussion”


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Kyle Farnsworth plays GTA IV. Dugout

Tilde on Fox

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Wow. Just … wow. TB~

Grilli story

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Just had to tell the Jason Grilli story again. TB~


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After getting knowledge-rolled on the NFL draft Friday, we quite enjoyed it this weekend. THF


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If Brandon Webb and Barry Zito were pitchers in New York… BC

Clemens affair?

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Roger Clemens may have injected himself into a country singer. NYDN

parmnhammer.jpgHopefully Bill Parcells factored that in. Because they just took UT’s running back, Jalen Parmele, in the sixth round.

Cliff Lee

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Cliff Lee’s resurgence. Cassano

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