Jim Christian

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Kent State’s Jim Christian leaves for TCU AP


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Baseball in Japan, NCAA in America, Porn in Hideki Matsui’s closet. THF


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Probably the only thing anyone ever needs to read about Jose Canseco, ever again. Deadspin

Stephen Curry

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The Stephen Curry love-fest has only begun. Big Lead

The Tigers’ Opening Day roster. What’s a Clete Thomas? MLB


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Today on SbB No basketball game RickRoll Fish that fish themselves! ESPN’s fantasy ump league A Tennessee Vols … mens team?

Well now, let’s see what’s in the news today:


Good for him! I always knew Jimmy Leyland knew a solid pitcher when he saw him, even if Tim Byrdak has an ERA of 13.50 in spring training. I’m sure he’ll do just…

byrdak2.png…Well, that’s a little awkward. But hey! Miguel Cabrera’s contract, or something!

49ers lost themselves a draft pick for thinking Lance Briggs was available. SbB

Free furniture if the Red Sox sweep the series again. SbB

CBI games

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NCAA games? Free. CBI games? 7 bucks. SbB

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