Thank heavens legitimate journalists have subscriptions to — else we wouldn’t know who Virginia’s next football offensive coordinator might be:


Yeah, that guy doesn’t look familiar at all. Daily Press, can you tell us?

Former Bowling Green coach Gregg Brandon has been offered the vacant Virginia offensive coordinator position, according to a report on

Ah. Well, he does know offense, and his teams have put up a ton of points, with the exception of, y’know, this past year. And Gary Blackney, when he stepped down from BG in 2000, became a DC for Maryland and it worked out well. (Fun fact: Blackney is currently the secondary coach at Central Florida right now. Odd.) It would make more sense for Brandon to get the ol’ band back together at Florida with Urban Meyer whose OC is now coaching Mississippi State.

It seems like a perfect fit, and I wish him the best of luck. A catastrophic problem could arise, however, if Meyer steps down or is kicked out abruptly and Brandon is named the interim coach, well, you saw what happened before.

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