This Was Still Better

By Matt Sussman | Aug 30, 2008 | Filed Under Bowling Green, Football

But this is pretty awesome too.

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  1. J Dog on August 30, 2008 3:44 pm:

    Was it me or did BG play a version of Moe Ankley’s Poe Ditch Rat offense, or what ever he called it. That sparked the offense some how.

  2. Shaggy on August 30, 2008 6:38 pm:

    I was just telling my wife this morning about how I really don’t like Pitt, and I don’t know why.

    This reminded me: They’re always inexplicably ranked. It’s not like they have hype, and it’s not like they do anything to earn it. They’re just always there, and they always fall apart.

  3. MP on August 30, 2008 8:30 pm:

    Yeah, I’m happy for BG. I never have liked Doofus Dave as a head coach. As another coach, fine, but not as a head coach. I feel that he’s one of those guys that just can’t cut it doing all that. If this means that the time where he is demoted to an assistant again is close at hand, all the better, I say.

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