You Got Your Technorati In My Blogcritics (And Vice Versa)

By Matt Sussman | Aug 27, 2008 | Filed Under Non-Sports

/indexphp/article/bc.jpgI’ve known about this for a couple months, but it was finally announced that Blogcritics — an online magazine that’s been around since 2002, and one I’ve written for since 2004 — was bought by Technorati. So now BC finally has a chance to be seen, and Technorati finally has content of its own.

And in probably the worst timed decision of the century, I decided to stop acting as BC’s sports editor back in June, just because I didn’t have time for it. With Deadspin and SPORTSbyBROOKS and Toledo Free Press and Treehouse Fort — occasionally — this here weblogsitepage, it got to a point where I said, “do I really need this? Why push myself any further? Aw, dammit, I have a real job too!”

I still write for BC (see?) as it’s a great venue for the non-sportsy thoughts. Yes, I have knowledge and takes on things outside of men wearing tight trousers kicking balls. Most people probably don’t believe that of the 100 columns I wrote back in college, maybe only two of them were fully about sports. Although in all fairness, I do think about 46 of them mentioned some kind of inept Detroit Tigers or Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher.

But look at it. BC was my roots. My stompin’ grounds. It’s all I had right out of college to publish columns beyond a Blogspot address. And now it’s Technorati’s. That’s just too cool. Now if they can just weed out some of the worst writers on the site, we got ourselves a cash cow.

But it shows how tough it is for a dude or dudes to shine at the top without some kind of financial backing. Yes, the Internet is just the same as it was in the non-Internet. Any good blogger or bloggers are eventually snatched up by some entity with dollars and servers and better web designers. If you ever see folks who maintains a blog for 10 years, you know they’re either (a) getting enough money from advertisers, (b) doing some other side project that’s reaping them more money, or (c) extremely sucky writers.

But the other refreshing truism is that the definitively awesome cream will always, always rise to the top. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to spend three hours coming up with a nickname for Armando Galarraga that I can share with the six readers of The Big Tilde.

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