I hired a good friend who went to school for graphic design to design our logo, letterheads and business cards. He was pretty good at what he did and he appreciated simplicity in design like I did, so it was a natural fit for us both. Neither one of us felt like we had to stretch too much in order to feel understood and most the time, we were completely on the same page with the same vision in mind. It was nice working with someone that I knew so well, the fact that he knew me as well as he did was probably more important though because he was the artist trying to portray an image that existed in my mind. Anyway, now that everything was in order in terms of our logo, I needed to find a website design agency that could help us distinguish our product on the internet in ways that helped build and establish our brand. The ultimate goal of any company who produces any product or service is to become a household name. What you have to do in order to become a household name is revolutionize or invent a technology, service or product and be the first of it’s kind. Like Kleenex for example, you’ll hear someone ask for a Kleenex as often as they ask for a tissue. Look at Google, do you think of it as going to an internet search engine to find something or do you think of it simply as, googling it? There are opportunities that presented themselves to all these companies and they struck while the iron was hot and firmly established themselves as the industry leader in the process of becoming a household name.website design agency

We had a very interesting product that was definitely relevant today but we needed our launch strategy to be swift and calculated because once people start to see it, the copycats will be hard at work to mimic it and sell cheap imitations at a fraction of the cost. The patent was pending on my product but the anticipation was starting to bubble over and I couldn’t hold it much longer before it boiled over and my competitors caught wind of it before I even went to market. The design agency I was going to hire had to prove to me that they had the experience and the knowledge to execute our marketing strategy effectively. I didn’t understand the internet and SEO marketing business but I did understand business and I could recognize when someone else did as well. I needed to find a marketing agency and sit down with their creative marketing director and have a discussion with them. Depending on the vibe I get during the course of the conversation we have, we may do business, we may not but regardless, a decision will be made. I didn’t like to waste my time, it was too important to me but I wasn’t going to turn over the launch of my internet marketing campaign to just anyone out there who claimed that they knew what they were doing.

Caber Harmon

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