When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. That’s one of the sayings that I use a lot when I’m trying to establish a sense of urgency. But, like anything that is said too much over the course of time, it loses emphasis each time it’s muttered. I found myself saying that to my sales team when it was crunch time and by now, it didn’t mean a thing. I got the saying from my father, he seemed to always be saying it when standing by the open door of the garage, waiting for the last of us to pile into the car when we were going somewhere. I can’t say that I can remember any of his other sayings, but I can remember a lot of other stuff that he taught me. One thing he taught me, and I’ll never forget, is how to work hard and not make excuses. This has served me well whether I was digging ditches or cashing in on SEO leadsSEO leads. I was a jack of all trades and was good with my hands, but when I finally grew up and let a woman make an honest man out of me, I needed to start thinking about a career. I knew she wanted kids and although I was indifferent about the matter, I knew that I’d need to find a way to support the little parasites. I guess that I couldn’t be careless and worry-free forever. I ended up by chance, getting an entry-level sales job at a farm equipment and parts company, and that was the beginning.

Now, I managed a sales team for a company that provided heavy machinery for government, contract jobs. The only companies that own a lot of heavy machinery are companies like mine who ship the machinery all over the world. The lead generation service and software that I just purchased was killing it too, so I needed to hire and train another couple guys. We started to slow down more than expected with the recent economic downturn, so I took a chance and decided to go with a new live leads company to attract us more potential customers. It was nice being involved in an industry that people needed all over the world but sometimes, it’s harder to find us than it should be. That’s what we’re trying to fix, we just hired an SEO company to put together an internet marketing campaign for us to increase our presence in general. Before I got this job, I worked for an SEO company while I was looking for something in my pay grade. I learned a lot about how they work and in fact, was the person who pitched the idea of hiring an SEO company to the boss. He had apparently heard of it before but no one ever sat down with him and made him understand the obvious value. Well, I did and now I’m on a gravy train with biscuit wheel because the boss thinks I’m some kind of genius.

Caber Harmon

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