I will admit that I am kind of a clean freak. Maybe it was something that I inherited from my mom. Looking back now I realize how much I should have appreciated the fact that I grew up in a very clean home. It was something that I think I always took for granted but now that I have my own home and my own messy kids, I remember how much I liked it when I could invite my friends over and not be embarrassed about my home. I want to provide the same sense of security for my kids too. That being said, maintaining a clean house when you have kids is nearly impossible. As they should be, they are always running in and out and tracking dirt and things throughout the house. We tried for a while to have a “no shoes in the house” rule, but that didn’t last long. I do my best to keep the floors and carpets looking nice but there is only so much that I can do on my own.

Carpet cleanerAfter an especially messy and active summer, I decided to have the carpets in my home professionally cleaned before the new school year started. I shopped around at a couple of different local places and eventually decided to go with Curtice Chemdry. I was able to schedule my appointment quickly and the cleaners came later that same week. After they were finished I was thrilled with the results. The carpets practically looked brand new. I thought that I had been doing a decent job at keeping them clean but by the time the professional carpet cleaners were done my carpets looked a different color. A clean color. After that I was inspired to deep clean the rest of my house. I took an entire weekend and cleaned from top to bottom. I recruited my kids as well and made sure that they cleaned their rooms and their closets.

After we were done the house was cleaner than I think it had ever been before. I re-implemented the “no shoes in the house” rule and requested that everyone be careful to follow it, myself included. We were able to maintain the cleanliness of the house for a matter of hours, which is a record for my family. A couple of hours in my son ran through the house chasing the cat and ran in to my daughter who was carrying a full glass of juice. Thankfully it only spilled all over the kitchen floor and not on the carpets that were professionally cleaned just a day before. The kids felt bad and they agreed to clean it up and told me not to get off of the couch. School started a couple of days later and with school comes even more stuff that my kids leave lying around the house. At least we got off to a clean start with the school year. I am sure that next year I will need to have the carpets professionally cleaned again.

Amanda Friese

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