I have been fortunate to have had a way into all of the places that I have lived while I have been in Denver.  As a result, I have been able to not hire a locksmith for any reason.  There was one time that I had to hire a locksmith in Denver because I locked myself out of my car. I guess that I am taking this story way too fast.  I need to slow down and start at the beginning so that is exactly what I am going to do.  I have a habit of being late to things.  I think that I have improved in the past few months because I have consciously tried to be more on time, but that is still going a way toward saying that I am starting to show up more on time.  If you look at what I was like maybe five years ago, you would see me showing up about ten to fifteen minutes late to just about everything.  As a result, my friends started to expect me late and when I would show up on time, they would be nowhere to be seen.  Consequently, I have sought out to change my ways.  This of course was hastened by an event at a hotel in the south part of Denver.  During the Democratic National Convention in August of 2008, I was an intern for the Mayor’s Office.  I was in charge of helping out Denver’s Road Home and all of the speaking engagements.  One of the things that I had to do was come up with all of the collateral and all of the posters and such for the different speaking opportunities.  One of the marquee opportunities of the summer was a chance to talk to the delegation from Hawaii.  So I tried really hard to get there on time and success, I got there about forty five minutes before everything was to start.  I park underneath the entrance at the hotel and get out of my car pressing the lock button so that all of the doors would unlock.  Of course, the exact opposite happened and all of the sudden, I was locked out of my car.  With some firefighters standing right there, I was pleading with them to help, but they refused.  I ended up having to call one of Denver’s locksmiths to come in and help me get into my car.  Of course this was incredibly expensive and the residential locksmith ended up charging me something like one hundred and fifty dollars to get me back into my car.  The next time this happens… I will make sure that there is no next time. Nevertheless, it was a great thing to understand just why Colorado has so many locksmiths that are willing to come any time of the day or night.  They are able to make a lot of money and to me this seems like a really smart business deal for them.  I know that I will be cautious next time I go to lock my car.

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