As winter approaches, I’ve decided that it’s a good time to start doing some extensive cleaning of my house. You might be thinking this is strange, because most people do spring cleaning, not winter cleaning. Sure, I am definitely going against the norm, but it’s for a good reason. People often get sick more often in the winter, and it seems that the reason for this is because they spend more time inside during these cold months. The indoors are often a much better environment for bacteria and viruses, so by being inside all the time you are constantly inhaling dirty air that has accumulated since your last spring cleaning. I clean in the winter so I can avoid this fact.

I’ve gotten all my dusting and clutter clean up done, but I’ve noticed that my rugs are looking really dingy. I really need to make a rule for people who come to my house that they need to take their shoes off at the door, which would really help me avoid having dirty carpets. I don’t know the first thing about how to properly clean a rug, so I’ve decided to call upon professional rug cleaning technicians to handle this task for me. I really can’t wait to get this work done, because I really look forward to seeing my ornate rugs look like new again. I figure that while they are over, I should probably get my carpets cleaned as well. They aren’t quite as messy as my rugs, but it’s best to get these things out of the way all at the same time. The company I go through for rug cleaning also does carpet cleaning, which comes as no surprise. They use a very interesting method of cleaning that utilizes carbonation. This makes it so they can get really deep into the fibers of the carpet, as the carbonation lifts dirt and grime from the deepest parts of the carpets up to the surface. After the dirt and grime is pulled up, they simply use a steam cleaning vacuum to remove it. Best of all, these chemicals that they use are pH neutral and are environmentally friendly. It’s nice to know that my desire for having clean carpets and rugs is not going to come at cost to the environment, and it’s also good to know that the chemicals being used in my home aren’t going to be toxic and harmful to my health.

I’ve already made an appointment, which was very simple and easy to do over the internet. We scheduled for my cleaning to be done this coming weekend so I can be out of the house and they can do their thing. While scheduling my appointment online, I noticed that they also do tile/stone cleaning. I figure that if I am getting the rugs on top of my tile cleaned, I might as well get the tile cleaned as well. When all of this work done, I can expect to enjoy a nice clean house and avoid getting sick this winter.

Sean Rhia

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