It will come as no surprise to most adult Americans that craft beer and specialty wines are extremely popular in 2014. They are in fact popular in most years, but under different names or different “trends” of the time. The classic liquor store such as Joy Wine & Spirits has an ample selection of all of these, plus specialty liquors and other spirits, for any event you might be party planning for. Craft beer and wines are perfect for any of the following events, and then some.

  • Graduation parties: Depending on the age of the graduate you might need different amounts of beer and wine in stock. If it is a high school graduate, you need enough to satisfy the adult friends and family members but not enough that a bunch of teenagers could sneak off with a bottle without you noticing it missing. College and grad school graduates are obviously old enough to drink legally and those parties typically need a larger volume for an all adult crowd.
  • Wedding receptions: This one almost goes without saying but bears repeating. Weddings are one of the events where it is almost expected that people will be wined and dined and there is no shortage of alcohol to go around. Rehearsal dinners typically specialty liquorare held in restaurants and the tab is usually picked up by the groom’s family, while the bride’s family pays for the wedding reception itself, including the craft beer, wine, and specialty liquor offerings. But people are bucking tradition left and right – though typically they do not skip the alcohol at a wedding.
  • Retirement parties: Typically made up of an older crowd, any party planner should have plenty of craft beer and spirits to go around. Friends and co-workers from all different points in a person’s life tend to show up at retirement parties and welcoming them with quality liquor is a wonderful way to thank them for joining you and celebrating.
  • Anniversaries: Whether you throw an actual party or just spend a weekend celebrating as a couple, anniversaries are an occasion for specialty wine and spirits such as champagne. Drop a strawberry into a glass of champagne and you have a romantic evening in one gesture.
  • Holidays: Making sure your close friends and family have beer, wine, and cocktails to go with their meals and appetizers is an important part of most families’ holiday traditions. Wine and Italian food might be one family’s tradition at Christmas, while another celebrates Independence Day with grilled burgers, hot dogs, and craft beers.

As you can see, there are any number of occasions where the time and mood are right to responsibly enjoy craft beer and specialty wine selections. There is a type of liquor for just about every occasion, and party planners should account for the celebration happening, the tastes of the person being celebrated, and how many people will be at the party. Regardless of the rest of the party, if you stopped by Joy Wine & Spirits for your beverage selection ahead of time, you simply can’t lose.

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