Roofer marketing works when a number of different strategies are implemented simultaneously. Focusing on just one strategy all of the time will not yield the most productive effect. You want to attract new customers with a number of strategies, but just attracting them is not enough. You want them to continue to patronize your roofing company. So even if you only attracted new customers with only one strategy, you are still going to need another one to create repeat business. This can all be a bit confusing and daunting for people who are not experts in the field or trained marketers. Because of how intuitive a lot of new software, some may think that this is the type of task that can be completed in an afternoon with a Mac. I once worked for a non-profit overseas that thought just that. I learned the hardware that it is all more complicated than you realize. So for a strategy of attracting and retaining customers of your roofing company, you want to hire the pros. What might the pros do when you hire them? Well, I suspect that they will start with roofer SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a way of increasing your web presence through search engines. You want your website to appear at the top of the results page on a search engine. This increases the likelihood that a customer is going to enter your website and patronize your roofing company. When was the last time that you dared to venture to the fifth page of search engine results? Maybe never. Instead, you probably go back to the original search and refine your entry. If not you, this is what most people do. SEO works by tying your website to particular, pre-selected keywords that increase the specificity of the search entry. This is often the name of the in which your roofing company operates. By increasing your web presence for those that are most likely to patronize your roofing company, you are able to attract new customers. Getting new business in the door is hugely important as the roofing industry changes. You cannot rely on what worked effectively yesterday. So you want to hedge your bets by bringing in new customers. Roofing SEO is perfect for this. But getting new customers is not enough. You want to hang onto those customers. That is where web design enters the picture. When these people see your roofing website in the results page, you want to impress them and convey professionalism through your web design. For old timers, I may seem silly, but would you not wash the windows in front of your shop or sweep the sidewalk in front? You do this because you want to make a good impression and appear professional. This is the physical equivalent of web design for your website. The web site for your roofing company is your modern day storefront. You it to attract people, but then you want them to like it once they enter.

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