I live in an area that gets hit multiple times every year with big snow and rainstorms. By the time the weather starts to calm down a bit it becomes quite easy to drive though the neighborhoods and see which house used a good roofer and which didn’t. With all of the snow, ice, rain and wind that our houses have to deal with, the roofs that had sub-par work done on them face a load of problems over time including things such as holes, dents, scrapes, broken or falling off shutters and ice shelving on their gutters. If you haven’t heard of ice shelving before it occurs when the heat of the home warms up the roof, melting the ice on the roof but then refreezing when it settles in the gutters. Once your gutters are full of ice you are really in trouble. RooferThe weight along of all of the ice is enough to push your gutters off of the house and down to the ground. The extra weight of the ice in the gutters can also put a lot of strain on the roof, which can do quite a bit of damage on the roof as well. Even if you are safe from ice shelving, if the roofers who worked on your home did not do a great job the bad weather can tear off or otherwise damage the shingles on your roof. Once this happens it is only a matter of time before you start facing sever risks of your roof leaking which is not only terrible for your roof but can do a lot of damage to the interior of your home depending on where and how bad the leak becomes. Another common problem many home owners face in this neighborhood because of bad roofing companies is that if the roof is not done correctly, there can be issues of unintended runoff, which can lead to wearing of the sides of the house and can over time even cause parts of your home to rot. After seeing all of these different things happen a few times to different homes in our neighborhood I have become incredibly careful about which roofing company I hire to do any roof replacement or repair.  Your roof is a big investment that is the main level of protection for your biggest investment, your home. If something goes wrong with your roof it is just a long slide downhill after that. That is why it is so important to find a competent roofing company that will do the work correctly and take their time. The roof will still need the occasional repair but it should be nothing compare to the hassle and stress of constantly repairing a roof that was put on poorly or carelessly. When choosing a roofing company, try talking to your neighbors, see if they have any recommendations for roofers that they have worked with in the past who have done good work. That is probably the best way to get a feel for the best roofing company in your area.

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roofingDid you know that you can take proactive steps to get your own water supply by setting up rain catching systems on the roofing?

Who This Helps

Rain catchers or rain barrels are installed underneath the gutter systems, to catch excess down pouring of the rain. Of, course, these same barrels can be put out in the open, but the system gets even more from the rain gutters as excess water from the roof all routes from the siding into the gutters.

These systems are especially useful for a variety of individuals including:

Those who live close to droughts – there are many cities that provide water restrictions on residents. Failure to comply will usually result in high fines. As such, these water conservation techniques can help to use in times of water restrictions for car washing, washing the driveway, mats or watering your plants in the garden.

Steer clear of using this water for drinking and cooking as it may contain chemicals. Asphalt roofing for instance isn’t recommended for using rain barrels for drinking. Metal too isn’t really recommended if it contains lead, as this can create more problems than solutions. A medical bill can run much higher than a fine, and considering that there are usually no restrictions for indoor water use, it’s usually futile to put your health at risk.

The EPA outlines the best practices for rooftop water use and how to divert storm water as an example. You should be diligent about filtering and pasteurizing the water before using it internally.

Other reasons these systems may appeal include – eco-friendly living. The eco-conscious consumer is avid about saving the planet’s resources and leaving enough and more for future generations to come.

For a green roof, there are many you can choose including:

Solar Panels – roofers can install these to preserve energy use, and not just water use alone. You can cut down your monthly energy bill with these simple installations.

Cool Roofs – are made from a wide variety of materials. They are less expensive than an initial solar panel roofing system, plus they keep your home cool inside during the hot months.

What You Need to Do When Installing Rain Barrels

Have the roofing contractor check for leaks periodically to ensure that puddles of water aren’t settling on the roof, or the gutter systems aren’t clogged.

Ask about how to install heat roofing systems that can melt the snow in the wintertime. There are many roofing accessories to date that allow you to customize based on the weather and your own specific needs. As an example, during the spring and summer, beautiful accessories such as rain chains can be attached from the roofing and hanged down to the length of the ground or higher.

Check for algae, moss and mold – the roofer can also check to see that no mold is forming in and around the roof from these rain catcher systems, and present solutions to tackle this is such is the case. Testing for mold is usually conducted through testing kits.

Find out about other eco-friendly tips as it relates to roofing by visiting the EPA or consulting with a roofer.



My experience in buying and flipping homes has taught me some valuable lessons about dealing with builders and contractors. I’m sure you have all heard horror stories of contractors doing shoddy work and then skipping town so as to avoid the repercussions and unfortunately those types of stories happen more often than are reported. Often times the erroneous construction is found by another owner of the house, usually too late to do anything about it.

For every type of construction that might be done to your house there are different kinds of contractors to look out for. In particular it is often difficult for people to gauge whether or not they should hire a certain roofing contractor or not. This is partially because more often than not when people are contacting a roofing contractor it is because of storm damage or because something large has fallen on their roofing damaging it. During these high stress times people are more inclined to hire the first contractor they come across and this can lead to a lot more stress in the long run. It isn’t beyond most contractors to cut corners in order to maximize their profits, this can mean using existing material for future jobs even though it may be structurally unsound or not adhering to OSHA safety regulations when up on the roof.

There are many roofers in your area to call when the time comes to replace tiles, fix a hole or even to add on to an existing structure. Be sure to check with the better business bureau to see if the are registered. Registration with the better business bureau is completely voluntary so often times you can tell one company is better or more trustworthy simply by the fact that they are with the BBB. You’ll want to talk with them on the phone and have a list of questions to ask them. These questions should be specific to your project or about upgrades you can make to your existing structure. You’ll want to ask how long the company has been in business and whether or not they have a portfolio of projects that you can see. Often times just a few pictures will tell a great deal more than any website or advertisement ever could.

For the last house that I bought and flipped I called JK Roofing because I had used them once previously and had a wonderful experience. As soon as they picked up the phone I remembered why I rated them so highly, the staff is friendly and always eager to help you tackle your project. On top of that they hire only the best roofers to work with and they never contract out anyone. This means there is always responsibility and accountability for everything they do. Roofing is serious business and can have big implications if you are hoping to sell your house. Not to mention that roofing your house isn’t exactly cheap so you want to spend your money on something that will not only look great but last.