It can be difficult as a small business owner to figure out how best to spend what limited resources you have. If you are far enough along in your business development to have gottenSalt Lake web development to the point where you are in need of online marketing, it is a good time to stop and think about what you can do yourself, and what might need a professional web development agency’s help. Hiring a professional firm, such as Envolve Agency, can take much of the stress of online marketing off of your plate as a business owner, but it also depends on how much you can afford at this point in your development.

If you are having trouble figuring out which route to take, consider the following pros and cons before proceeding.

Doing your own online marketing.

  • Pros: Obviously, it does not cost you much, if any, money to do your own online marketing. Creating social media profiles is free, and if you pay a small fee you can typically take a graphic design class to learn how to design your own website. Then add in the minimal cost, typically around $8 per month, to host your own URL and you have a pretty affordable strategy.
  • Cons: This can take a considerable amount of time, and depending on your business itself, may or may not be feasible. In many instances, especially towards the beginning, it can become its own full time job for a little while as you struggle to get your website up and running and all of your social media profiles active and out there in the world. If it takes too many hours, it might actually end up costing you valuable time you should have spent working on providing a service or product.

Hiring an online marketing professional:

  • Pros: This can be their full time job, and not yours. Knowing that their sole focus is to devote their time and energy towards your web design development, improving your social media profile and generating more followers and connections, and increasing traffic to your website can bring a peace of mind that would not exist if you were trying to do this on your own. They are also likely to have better results than you would if you were just one person doing it in your spare time. Since it is their job, you know they have the ability to devote all of their working time to it. If they are doing their job as well as they are supposed to, then the return on investment should be much higher than what you spent to hire the firm.
  • Cons: You might have to go through several iterations of things before they develop the right website or profile for you. Online marketing and web development firms cost money that you could potentially be investing in other aspects of your business. Results and returns on investment might take a while before they are really seen in your sales and profits, thus leaving you in a hole for longer than you might think.


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In order to run a successful online marketing campaign you have to have a clear vision of what your company is, where you want to go and how you can get there. Without this road map of success at your side at all times you can become too invested in a method of marketing that isn’t giving you a return on your investment. For example, often times the owner of a business will become convinced that the key to their marketing success lies in one particular method such as TV promotions or radio spots. He or she becomes so convinced that this current trend will work for their company that they continue to pour money into it even though another form of marketing might do the job better. Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed so a company can remain diverse and multi-faceted.

For any company in the Salt Lake area in need of online marketing I would suggest contacting the Envolve Agency. They are an online marketing firm that coins themselves a “social agency” because so much of marketing these days revolves around exposure over the various social media platforms. They are known to take an accurate “temperature” of the local market and craft a plan of action tailored to your specific company. No need spending your money on a billboard campaign that is situated in a predominantly older neighborhood if your core audience is young and living in another part of town. Even if you are able to accurately pinpoint which radio station your demographic listens to or which TV channel they prefer, there is no way to know if your advertisement is being seen or heard at that specific time. Now consider the way a social media strategy might work and compare the two:

With an effective strategy to advertise or market via social media sites like Facebook and Google+ you can compile existing data to know exactly when and where to advertise. Perhaps there are certain websites your would-be customers visit often and a simple banner ad will drive them towards your awaiting website. If that isn’t the case you may find that certain YouTube channels are popular among your demographic and you can commission The Envolve Agency to produce and edit a video to play before that goes on. This would be a sure fire way to know that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. Videos are considered a “high trust” form of media because you can express the views and goals of your company in moving pictures, words and music. Customers usually identify strongly with video advertisements.

For companies in or around the area of Salt Lake needing web development I would strongly recommend using The Envolve Agency. Speak with them candidly about the goals and aspirations and they will work with you to make something uniquely yours. This is a marketing firm that is based off of helping you reach your goals and convey the passion you have for your business to your customers.