wholesale diamond If you have been in a long term relationship for over three years, chances are that you are considering proposing to your significant other soon. This is a great idea, as marriage can bring a lot of happiness and stability into your life. One of my best friends got married last year, and he has never been happier. I am honestly quite envious of him as I really wish I could meet someone that I wanted to spend my life with. So if you are in this situation currently, I would highly recommend you heavily consider going through with a marriage proposal soon. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. If you do decide to take my advice, I must warn you that finding the right engagement ring is not going to be easy. There are a lot of pitfalls to this goal, and I will do my best to identify them for you so you don’t fall into them, as climbing out of them is quite difficult.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when looking for an engagement ring is going to the popular diamond retailers that you hear advertisements for all the time on the radio and on television. The reason this is a mistake is because these retailers act as the middlemen for wholesale diamond brokers. A middleman makes his profit by buying a product in one location at a low price and then selling it to customers at a highly inflated price. They also have to pay the costs of running a store and hiring employees to sell their products, so this also adds to the cost of the diamond. You are much better off buying your EGL certified diamonds directly from the manufacturers and brokers who cut the rough diamonds themselves. You probably won’t be able to completely avoid the middleman in these kinds of exchanges, but you will be able to cut out at least a few middlemen and thus save a lot of money. Another reason you don’t want to buy from a typical retailer is because they will typically only carry rings that are trendy so they can sell to the mass appeal at the time. It would be much better to buy loose diamonds that you can later set into a unique ring from another location. Just think about how much more special a unique and custom ring would be to your significant other.

One diamond broker that I would highly recommend you purchase diamonds from is MID House of Diamonds. They have many years of experience in the industry and have access to diamonds at a very reasonable price. Since they have such a large stock of diamonds, you will be able to view diamonds of all levels of laboratory grades, and thus you will be able to find the best diamond possible in your price range. They will help educate you on how to look at a diamond so you can determine for yourself which one will be best.