Normally I am the first one to try and save money, buy things that are on sale or off brand. The way I see it I can either live frugally and have lots of free time and a fun and exciting life, or I can buy lots of expensive and nice things and have to work all of the day to afford them. I much prefer my way of living. There are a few things over the years that I have learned not to be cheap about. Most of these things are services that have a huge impact on my home or well-being. For example, recently I was unlucky enough to face some issues with basement flooding after a heavy storm hit Columbus. At first I tried to go the super cheap way and handle the mess myself. I spend hours upon hours upon hours carefully getting out all of the water with buckets and rags. I had one fan that I put in the basement and let the rest evaporate. A few weeks later I called a Columbus water damage repair company that was the cheapest I could possibly find because there was starting to be a pretty bad smell coming from the basement that I guessed was coming from some remaining water or moisture down there. water damageThe cheap cleaning crew got to my place, worked for a few hours and while it did seem to make everything a little bit better it was obvious they did not get everything. At this point I was torn because I didn’t want to spend any more money on this problem but I knew that if I left the problem it would only get worse over time. I finally broke down and called another Columbus water damage restoration company and this time I did a lot more research to make sure that the one I called had a good reputation and would do the job right instead of just touching the surface of the problem. This new team came over with the some of the same machinery and tools but then also had a few new extra ones. It took the Columbus water damage company a large portion of a day but by the end they guaranteed that all of the moisture was out and that the terrible smells coming from my basement should recede in about three or four days. Sure enough it did not take long at all and I finally felt that I could walk around my home without the need for a nose plug. That experience was one of the few times I really learned that sometimes it is worth spending a reasonable amount of money. I am not by any means saying that the most expensive place is probably the best, only that when it comes to important things for your house and your health, don’t try to pinch the pennies because it probably won’t be worth it. Sometimes it is just important to do things correctly the first time around and not have to bother with it a second time.