My husband recently was offered a job in Denver, a transfer from his current office in southern California. The money was good and we had visited there before, so we were excited for him to accept the offer. On the other hand, I very much was dreading moving and all of the hassle that came with it. The company would put us up in a hotel in Denver for thirty days and after that we were on our own – we either need to rent or buy somewhere to live, and quickly.

My husband headed out there first to do some scouting around, and he found a few places he thought I would like. But without me being able to see them, we simply could not be confident in placing any offers. I had stayed behind to start packing, and once everything was done and loaded up in the truck, the movers went on their way and I flew out to join him in Denver. We had a little less than a month at that point, and we figured we had better start looking at rental homes in addition to homes for sale. Even if we could find something we loved and quickly, there was no guarantee it would be closed on or empty by the time we needed to be on our own.

My husband set out with the realtor, and I set out to find a rental home. The first few I found I did not like. The yard was too small in one, and the carpet too old and dingy in another. I was quickly getting frustrated because I knew we were going to have to rent something, even just temporarily. There was no way we would be able to buy a home in enough time, so my husband stopped searching and we began looking in earnest for rental homes. I took him back to the dingy carpet one to get his opinion on whether carpet cleaning would have helped it all. He agreed it was probably a lost cause, so we moved on to the next.

We found a couple more decent possibilities, but one of them at least would need some serious carpet cleaning services before it could even be considered. As long as the landlord would cover it,that was a home we were willing to consider renting. The next one had a yard that was not quite as big as I wanted, but was in no need of carpet cleaning whatsoever, so might be less of a hassle to move into that one. And the dogs could deal with a smaller yard temporarily anyway.

Ultimately we decided to go with the one with the smaller yard and that did not need any cleaning before we could move in, mainly because they were willing to offer us a six month lease instead of requiring a year lease, which would allow us ample time to purchase a home but not lock us into waiting a while to buy a new one.

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