If you are vacationing or visiting Colorado, make sure to pass by Black Hawk to complete your trip. Black Hawk is extremely known for its Black Hawk entertainment like its casinos. It is fresh alternative to the Nevada casinos, not as crowded, but as entertaining.

Black Hawk is in Gilpin County, Colorado. Despite having such a buzz, the historic city only has around 100 plus people based on the 2000 United States Census. This makes the city the least populous area in the state.

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The city’s future is as interesting as its past. Black Hawk used to be a historic mining settlement located near Central City, another historic mining area. It was chartered in 1859 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Ruvsh or as later known as the Colorado Gold Rush.

The Rush was actually a boom in mining and gold prospecting that started in the Pike’s Peak Country in 1858. Pike’s Peak is located in the western part of Kansas. The rush extended to the southwestern part of Nebraska. The Rush lasted until around 1861 during the time of the creation of the Colorado territory. It was called the Rush since around 100,000 prospectors tried their luck in what is known as the greatest gold rush in the country.

Because of their historic significance, both the cities of Black Hawk and Central has been designated by the federal government into the Central City/Black Hawk National Historic District. Both cities flourished in the late 19th century during the mining boom when mills and a railroad was constructed linking both areas to the Golden City.

The area regained prominence and tourist interest when the state initiated moves in 1990 that prompted the construction of casinos in the rea.

There are various Black Hawk hotels in the area that you can consider when you are visiting the locality.

One of such hotels is Casa Colorado. Located less than an hour from Denver and Boulder, Colorado, Casa Colorado is a luxurious bed and breakfast that is also environmentally friendly. Although each of its suite has a surround-sound home theatre system, there is no television access, which visitors actually prefer since the whole point of a vacation is actually to “get away.” Wired internet is still available, however, for those who do not want to be completely out of touch. Their on-site restaurant prepares fresh organic meals, good news for those who are into the health craze. There is a propane fireplace in each room that guests can use especially at night to get that cabin vibe. Casa Colorado is located in 196 Bear Crossing Road and can be contacted at 303-642-1983. For additional information, you can visit casa-colorado.com

You should missed the Black Hawk restaurants, as well. One such restaurant is Centennial Buffet which is reportedly ranked #1 in the area.

Centennial Buffet offers lots of ethnic food with a dessert bar that is reportedly “out of this world.” Guests also raved about its seafood like the shrimps and crabs. Although the price is reportedly more expensive than other restaurants, a lot of guests said that it is worth it.

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