For being what some call America’s original cuisine, BBQ is quite diverse and looks and tastes different all across the country. There is Texas style barbeque, Kansas City style Barbeque, Memphis style Barbeque, North Carolina Style Barbeque, South Caroline style Barbeque and Alabama style BBQ just to name a few. They are all different and unique to their own niche. Here are some examples of the different styles provided by
Mounds of sliced beef brisket, German sausage, and meaty ribs. Beef is king in Texas, so the brisket is tops in any list.
Texas bbq sauce is a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce and is usually served on the side or lightly spooned onto the meat after cooking. It is usually not put on the meat during cooking.
Common among the Texas bbq side dishes are pinto beans, coleslaw, potato salad, fried okra, and a slice of plain white Mrs. Baird’s bread. Also, condiments like sliced pickled cucumbers or jalapeno peppers go very well with Texas barbeque.
North Carolina
In Eastern North Carolina, it is a simple vinegar-based sauce with some red and black pepper and a few spices. Sometimes a little sugar is added to tone down the vinegar.
With Western North Carolina barbeque, they take that same barbeque sauce and add ketchup to it. That makes it thicker and a little sweeter.
There is one thing North Carolinians do agree about in their bbq. In nearly all of North Carolina Barbeque, pork shoulder is the meat of choice.
Nowhere else in the country is barbeque and bbq sauce quite like Alabama’s. This unique and non-traditional way of preparing barbecue is still not that well known. But don’t tell anyone in Alabama. To most folks there, this is the only way to barbeque.
The white sauce gets most of its color and flavor from a mayonnaise base. And just like many other barbecue sauces, you always want to brush this one on at the very end (the last 5 minutes of grilling) or it will break down because of the heat. You also want to prevent this sauce from burning, as it doesn’t work well if blackened.
As you can see there is a lot of variance in the way that people like to BBQ. Some like beef and some like pork. The taste in sauce also differs. Some like it sweet and some like it white with a mayonnaise base. The only way you can know which one is your favorite is to go on a road trip throughout the United States and try all of the different BBQ and BBQ sauces. In order for this to work it must be done scientifically. You should go to each state that has a prominent BBQ scene. You should then find out which towns are known for good BBQ and pick 5 BBQ restaurants from each to try. You will need to develop a rating system and then rate each restaurant. At the end of your trip you will compile all of your data and then you will know which BBQ style you like the best.


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