The fashion industry can be a cutthroat business, and competition is fierce. The highlight of every year is fashion week, and there are actually two. One is in New York City, and the other is in Paris. The organizers have been under a lot of stress this year because some of their usual venues are under construction and maintenance, and they are running out of space to hold all of the shows. There is barely enough space in the hotels to store the clothes, and with several of their usual ballrooms and venues out of commission, the organizers are scrambling to find space nearby to fill the need.

They found a few different options, but the one they ended up going with that made the most sense was to purchase a few different pre-fabricated steel structures from General Steel. They were easy to work with, and the General Steel buildings would be there and assembled in plenty of time to match the decor with the rest of the show. It was tricky to find the space for the additional structures, but several parking lots when cleared out proved to be sufficient to get the job done. The General Steel buildings arrived in time and event staff went to work quickly to assemble the buildings and get all of the needed equipment and interior decor organized.

Once lighting, heating, and plumbing were all taken care of, they set to work putting up runways, seating for audiences, and dressing rooms and backstage areas for the designers and models. There were going to be three designers’ shows held in three different buildings, on top of the ones being held inside the regularly scheduled venues. The top designers, editors, models, and media coverage from around the world would be in attendance and staff had to get this just right. Being the first time they had ever pulled off anything like this, they were understandably very nervous. They went through dry run after dry run in the weeks leading up to the shows, and tried to prepare for everything that might go wrong.

In the end, the event went off almost without a hitch. There were minor problems, as there always are with major events such as this one, but none related to the buildings themselves or the issue of having to find new venues. One model was sick, some of the clothes were not the right size, and certain people who were supposed to be in attendance were no shows. But all around, event staff considered their part a success, and the audiences raved about the new venues and their modern, industrial feel. Pleased with themselves and with the company, the organizers decided to disassemble and keep the buildings for future events as well, realizing how versatile they were. It was a tough event to pull off on time and on budget, but in the end, the organizers were saved by having access to steel building facilities that were able to double as event venues for fashion week last year.

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