Among all the concrete raising companies to choose from, the best can be selected by understanding what they offer and how long they have been in service. You will want to choose one that has plenty of experience in the industry and it certainly doesn’t hurt to compare price estimates. Even if you get a lower price from one service does not mean you should choose them, because you may be passing up a company that provides a much superior customer experience and a better quality job and service. AAA Concrete Raising is one company you cannot go wrong with. A trademark of their business is their “monster truck” that carries enough material to the job to ensure they have enough slurry to finish in one visit. In fact, they boast that this truck carries a hefty eight yards of material, so no concrete raising job is too big for them. Unlike other companies, however, you do not need to worry about this truck driving up on your property and causing damage. They keep it parked on the street and are enabled to do so due to techniques developed and implemented by AAA Concrete Raising only.

That is not all they offer. The owner of the company, who has twenty five years of experience in mudjacking, has a revolutionary technique that no other company provides. First, the material is delivered to the site from the truck with a back-hoe instead of shoveling, but what is more impressive is the fact that they use a shorter hose in delivering the slurry into the deposit site. The layman may not understand what this means, but with all the industry experience AAA has in mudjacking they discovered this to be the best way to quickly adjust the slurry during the filling. This is incredibly effective for the simple reason that a long hose holding a higher volume of slurry , while delivering the substance at the exact same rate as a shorter hose, will deliver a larger amount of improper slurry if the consistency needs to be changed in the middle of the procedure.

If you need any other convincing, pursue reviews of the company. They have an extremely high rating among satisfied customers that would readily recommend their mudjacking services. I’m a huge advocate of understanding a service before you have it performed, and a visit to their website will fill you in very well on how concrete raising and mudjacking is performed. Even better, they have filmed the process so you can see how it works. It is actually quite an impressive thing to watch. One moment they show a set of concrete stairs in which one step sunk low enough to separate from the rest of the steps above it, and in just a few seconds it is brought back to level. With such a dramatic and interesting demonstration, having a slab replaced instead seems almost unthinkable. If you need even more further convincing, this author, the video, and their website may not be enough. Contact them yourself and let them appraise the job and I am certain you will choose them for your concrete repair and maintenance.

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