family lawyerNearly everyone needs a lawyer, at one point or another, and the lawyer you pick makes a big difference in how things will turn out for you, regardless of the specific legal issue you are having.  One of the most common reasons why people need lawyers, today, is for family issues, such as marriage, divorce, and child custody.  All of these fall under the category of family law, a branch of law that affects the lives of nearly everyone.  Whether you are about to get married or about to get divorced, though, you definitely need the help of a family lawyer.  A skilled family lawyer can help you get the best possible outcome, from your divorce or other legal situation.

Divorce is, after all, one of the biggest reasons why people need the assistance of family lawyers.  In fact, the term divorce lawyer is essentially synonymous with family lawyer.  At the end of the day, there is really no such thing as a pleasant divorce, but not all divorces have to be horrendously unpleasant, either.  While a big part of this is your former spouse and whether or not you are still on good terms with him or her, another factor that affects how stressful the process will be is your attorney.  A good attorney is the difference between your getting what you want, and your losing far more than you would like.  Property and money are often one of the big points of contention, and it is pretty obvious why this is the case.  No matter how well you get along with your former spouse, it is not likely that you will agree, one hundred percent, on to whom various assets should belong.  For that reason, the biggest difference can be made by your divorce lawyers.  One challenging aspect of determining to whom all the property will go is the fact that it is difficult to divide assets evenly, particularly if they are not money.  Money is easier to divide, since it is completely quantitative.  Items are different, since their value is not always so black and white.  As you should know already, though, there is a way to avoid all of this stress, but it must be arranged before the marriage.  It is a prenuptial agreement, which states that each party keeps their own belongings, if a divorce is to ensue.

While property and money are fairly impersonal, the question of what to do with the children, in the event of a divorce is a lot more difficult to answer.  While it is generally agreed upon that, under normal circumstances, a child should be able to see both of his or her parents.  That being said, determining the exact number of days, per month, that each parent as custody of the child is a challenge.  In many cases, one parent ends up having primary custody.  In some child custody situations, the parents are granted joint custody, meaning that they both have custody.  Of course, child support, is a separate issue, entirely.


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