hunter douglas custom shades

We are all creatures of habit and like things to remain the same. Continuity makes us feel safe and general most people don’t like surprises. While safety is important and is the foundation for many peoples lives, constant continuity can be a little boring. If you need an example just walk downstairs from your bedroom into your living room and sit on the couch. The odds are you have seen this scenery before hundreds of times and it is still the exact same. You could practically walk through your house with your eyes closed and you wouldn’t skip a beat. Isn’t it time to change things up? If you are ready to add some color and spice into your home you should call triple a blinds and get started by replacing your window treatments.

You don’t need a multi-million-dollar makeover or a complete home renovation to add some excitement back into your house. By doing something as simple as painting the walls or adding new window treatments you can give an old familiar room and exciting new look and feel. Calling AAA blinds will make this transition easier than you ever thought possible because they have a wide selection of Hunter Douglas custom blinds in their showroom and they also send a designer out to your home to do in-home consultation.

The first up in changing things around would be to visit their showroom. If you are that bored with your house the odds are you haven’t seen the inside of a design showroom for home decoration can sometime. There’ve been many advances in home decoration and in particular in the design of window treatments so set aside some time and bring in samples to match for color. Once you’re at AAA blinds and in the showroom you will work with the designer and it’ll show you all of their products which can be custom fitted to your window size. They’re experts at installation and measuring so you can leave that up to them.

The second step obviously then will be to schedule your in-home appointment which will usually be about a week out. I like to schedule appointments like this for the early morning because if all goes well and quickly you can spend the rest of your day enjoying or tinkering with the new set up. Your designer and installer will show up with a host of materials and you can take your time seeing how the products look in your own home with your own lighting. The great thing about Hunter Douglas shades are that they help defuse direct sunlight and they can be pulled down from the top or up from the bottom. Because AAA blinds purchases Hunter Douglas shades and shutters in Bohlke they can offer competitive pricing and exceptional value. This design company is locally owned and operated so if there’s ever an issue with the sizing, installation or function of these products you can take them back or call them to come to your house and service the material.

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