Blackhawk Colorado may be a small town, there are only about one hundred people who live there and call it home. But one little known fact about the area is that it boasts more casinos than Atlantic City, a much bigger and better known gambling town than Blackhawk. When the town was losing citizens and having a hard time enticing people to live and work in such a small mountain town, the city council realized that they were going to have to close down due to lack of industry, or change the laws and ordinances that governed the town. They needed a strong industry that would create the revenue that the town needed and wasn’t able to get from the very small tax base that they had dealt with for many decades. The idea to allow casinos in the town limits was a bit of a contentious one, but it was eventually agreed upon and passed into law. Over the many years since that has happened, industry really has come to the mountains of Colorado. Once a very sleep dot on a small and winding highway heading west out of Denver, Blackhawk now boasts more casinos than Atlantic City, and several high rise hotels that offer all the same comforts and qualities that you would find if you were to visit a larger and more popular gaming and gambling town. Atlantic City may have the ocean as a draw, but Blackhawk has the incredible views of the Rocky Mountains out the back door, and the allure of an old mining town that still holds a lot of the charm that comes from those old buildings and city streets.

The casinos have brought a lot of the entertainment that was missing from town life as well, from the Central City Opera to all of the traveling theater companies that pass through town on a regular basis. There are several original bars that are still in operation from the original mining town daysblackhawk restaurants, and also new and trendy clubs and bars in the hotels that attract weekend vacationers from Denver as well as a high number of out of state travelers. The city council now collects the necessary revenues to keep the town moving forward and keep the bills paid, and that is certainly thanks to the 17 casinos that have been built up in the town limits. There are so many more jobs than were available before, from the restaurants and hotels to the casinos themselves, everyone is always hiring to keep up with the influx of vacationers and other travelers who pass through to see the gambling town in the height of the rocky mountains. There does not seem to be any slowing down, and soon there may be many more than the 17 casinos here, since they are all small and in the original mining town buildings, there is definitely room for a few more to crop up on the main highway. As the hotels are building rooms, the casinos are expanding and the restaurants are growing.


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When I was growing up, I used to really like to visit my mom at her dental office.  It was really cool to walk around and see all of the doctors doing work and the patients getting their teeth cleaned.  That still hasn’t changed for me, although I do miss having my mom clean my teeth.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I have learned is that I will be forever comparing all of my future dental escapades with those that I experienced growing up.  It will be a sort of with mom and after mom timeframe.  I just hope that everything that happens in the future does not pertain to cavities or oral surgery.  It is not that I have a fear of oral surgery, but rather I think that most healthy mouths should not require it.  My biggest thought is that the best way to go about getting the surgery would be to make sure that all future visits to the dentist are positive ones and as a result, the surgery would be more preventative than anything else.  That does not less the fact that I think I am doing pretty well.

dental careMy fear of oral surgery has more do to with the fact that it means that I am not doing as good of a job as I can.  Teeth are a fickle thing and each persons’s teeth are different.  The same goes for people’s temperatures and bodies.  There is no normal and that is why my friend can run at least a mile each day and I will be wrecking my knees if I try to go two in a row. The best way for me to address this is by focusing on what I can do best.  In the dental sense, this means that if I continue to floss and brush my teeth with some sort of regularity, there is a good chance, that I will be able to be successful in the future by avoiding having to get dental surgery.  In my mind, this means that through brushing and flossing, relatively easy practices, I will be able to avoid having to go searching for dentures.  I am sure that there are affordable dentures out there, but that does not mean that they are going to be easy to use and convenient.  No, there are probably some that are better than real teen, but those dental implants could be outrageously expensive.  That is why, anything that you can do to avoid having to get dentures, the better.  I am familiar with what I am able to do to get better teeth and even improve the teeth that I have now.  One of those things would be to buy one of those great electronic tooth brushes that vibrates and brushes, so that you get into the little cracks in your teeth in addition to the outside of them.  That is what my dental hygienist recommended that I get at least.  I am considering it because I think it could be worth it down the road.