The first thing that anyone does when choosing to build a structure is they figure out what they need out of the structure.  General Steel helps with this decision making process by offering a wide selection of buildings to choose from.  The top focus that most people have is how much square footage that they are going to need with their structure.  Whether it is a church building or a warehouse knowing how much square footage you are going to need is an important decision to make.  Once this is decided figuring out what style of building with support your needs is the next consideration.  From retail to office buildings and gyms to garages there are all types of floor plans to choose from.  More than likely the building that you are looking to build has already been built a time or two and a quick search of some floor plans might land you just what you are looking for.   Building with General Steel makes sense for a lot or reasons.

One is that you can find already designed floor plans to go off of.   This means that you do not need to start from scratch.  By being able to use floor plans that have been used and tested out you can count on their performance.  This can be much easier and less expensive than putting it together of how it needs to be designed by working with an architect.  Once you have chosen a design that is going to work for you it is just a matter of having the materials sent to you so the assembly process can begin.  By choosing to build with steel you get a great advantage in the construction process of your building.  These steel buildings are prefabricated so putting them together is made easy.  You do not need to cut and fit the building together piece by piece like you do with a wood building.  These buildings are ready to assemble upon delivery.  This helps many people save time and money by building with steel.  Because the building is cut and prefabricated you do not need as much labor to put the building together.

The fact that these structures are made using steel gives you a great advantage over other building materials.  The life of the building is going to be much longer than a typical wood structure.  The overall safety and security of the building also greatly increases because the structure is made using steel.   Many insurance companies even reduce the rates of premiums because these buildings typically receive much less damage in any kind of accident or bad weather scenario.  General Steel makes sense to a lot of people for their storage and structure needs.  When you compare what you get when you build with wood it is easy to see why steel gives a great advantage over building with other materials.  From start to finish your project can be made simple, cost effective, and full of advantages when you choose to build with steel.

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Being from small town Indiana, I have driven down my fair share of gravel roads. Also being a kid in need of some extra cash in small town Indiana, I have also shovel my fair share of gravel to make a driveway. It is no fun, but then, I doubt that it sounded like fun. The advantage to gravel driveways is that they are cheap on the front end of the investment. That is the only benefit to gravel driveways. Asphalt paving is better than gravel paving in every way but the aforementioned one. Gravel is not even cheaper in general. When you think about the amount of money that you have to spend to repave the gravel driveway after every winter, you actually end up saving more money in the long run with asphalt. We can start on this point. Because gravel is nothing more than rock shoveled into a common area, there is no adhesive to keep them together. There are a lot of ways that these stones can be thrown from the road. When that is gone, of course you have to replace them. Gravel can be thrown from the driveway when cars drive down it and get gravel rocks stuck in the tires. Gravel is often lost in the winter. When the snow melts, the ground is soggy. The ground shifts and moves, which displaces the ruts that the driveway has formed to. So every spring, you have to hire someone (or do it yourself) to come and replace the gravel back onto the driveway. This is a big hassle because it has to be done every year. If you go with asphalt paving, you will just have to have it installed once, and then it is over. Not only is the driving surface smoother and more pleasant than the bumpy gravel, but it is much less of a hassle. There are also environmental benefits of asphalt over gravel. Every time that the rains come or the snow melts, the soil that has been shaped into the gravel driveway is lost. Over time, erosion causes the level of the ground to decrease. That is lost sediment and earth. When you pave with asphalt, that surface will actually protect the soil, which is kept in place. This is especially relevant if you live near a body of water. Excess sediment in rivers and lakes is a big problem for the overall health of that ecosystem and the water quality. When you add up all of these factors, it seems like the easy choice to go with asphalt. Asphalt is the more recycled product in the world, pound for pound. It requires little to no maintenance, unlike gravel, which is probably its worst feature for me. Perhaps the hot days in Indiana shoveling gravel has given me a bias, but asphalt is the low-maintenance choice and it makes life easier. You are going to get yourself into hassle when you choose to pave your driveway with gravel. Asphalt is the choice for those that want to reduce the hassle.


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I worked as a patient care advocate and the state of Arizona. My job is to walk around hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state to check the quality of healthcare being provided at that specific location. I have a series of subjective questions that I ask each patient and rate their answers on a scale of 1 to 5. The questions are designed to get to the bottom of things and to reveal a patient’s true feelings about the situation. It may ask about how the food service was, how prompt the nurse or doctor was, whether or not your surgery or procedure started on time and there is a section where patients can leave comments as well. All of this training has given me a unique perspective on what it is like to be working in the healthcare field and what it is like on the other side of things from a patient’s perspective. Recently, I had to take my daughter into the urgent care center in Las Vegas due to an illness. The whole time I will is focused on getting her better and making her feel better but there was a part of me that couldn’t help silently evaluate the clinic and the people working there. Hey, what can I say old habits are hard to break.

So, while Kristen was being looked at by the nurse I was poking and prodding around with the staff and other patients in the waiting area to get to the bottom of things.

Of the five people who were waiting in the lobby to be seen by a doctor, none of them had been waiting for more than 15 minutes when we arrived. One lady said she goes to the urgent care center in Las Vegas often and that she rarely has to wait to be seen. From what I know about the hospital emergency room nearby this is a major seachange. It is not uncommon for patients to wait an hour or more just to be admitted and once you are in the emergency room that is no guarantee a doctor or nurse is coming by to see you anytime soon. The problem is there are too many patients to triage and they are forced to deal with the more traumatic injuries or illnesses before they can get to you.

Surprisingly, I learned that the urgent care center in Las Vegas was actually opened up by an ER doctor. Who was looking for a better way to deliver health care. In every hospital or clinic there are always a few shining stars who rise above the rest. This doctor had a great ability to recognize that in other people and hired them to work at his clinic. Now, there are over 14 such clinics in the area and continuing to expand every year. I am really thankful that we have the urgent care center in Las Vegas nearby because they deliver better patient care than anywhere I have ever seen or evaluated.

I hired a good friend who went to school for graphic design to design our logo, letterheads and business cards. He was pretty good at what he did and he appreciated simplicity in design like I did, so it was a natural fit for us both. Neither one of us felt like we had to stretch too much in order to feel understood and most the time, we were completely on the same page with the same vision in mind. It was nice working with someone that I knew so well, the fact that he knew me as well as he did was probably more important though because he was the artist trying to portray an image that existed in my mind. Anyway, now that everything was in order in terms of our logo, I needed to find a website design agency that could help us distinguish our product on the internet in ways that helped build and establish our brand. The ultimate goal of any company who produces any product or service is to become a household name. What you have to do in order to become a household name is revolutionize or invent a technology, service or product and be the first of it’s kind. Like Kleenex for example, you’ll hear someone ask for a Kleenex as often as they ask for a tissue. Look at Google, do you think of it as going to an internet search engine to find something or do you think of it simply as, googling it? There are opportunities that presented themselves to all these companies and they struck while the iron was hot and firmly established themselves as the industry leader in the process of becoming a household design agency

We had a very interesting product that was definitely relevant today but we needed our launch strategy to be swift and calculated because once people start to see it, the copycats will be hard at work to mimic it and sell cheap imitations at a fraction of the cost. The patent was pending on my product but the anticipation was starting to bubble over and I couldn’t hold it much longer before it boiled over and my competitors caught wind of it before I even went to market. The design agency I was going to hire had to prove to me that they had the experience and the knowledge to execute our marketing strategy effectively. I didn’t understand the internet and SEO marketing business but I did understand business and I could recognize when someone else did as well. I needed to find a marketing agency and sit down with their creative marketing director and have a discussion with them. Depending on the vibe I get during the course of the conversation we have, we may do business, we may not but regardless, a decision will be made. I didn’t like to waste my time, it was too important to me but I wasn’t going to turn over the launch of my internet marketing campaign to just anyone out there who claimed that they knew what they were doing.

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roofingDid you know that you can take proactive steps to get your own water supply by setting up rain catching systems on the roofing?

Who This Helps

Rain catchers or rain barrels are installed underneath the gutter systems, to catch excess down pouring of the rain. Of, course, these same barrels can be put out in the open, but the system gets even more from the rain gutters as excess water from the roof all routes from the siding into the gutters.

These systems are especially useful for a variety of individuals including:

Those who live close to droughts – there are many cities that provide water restrictions on residents. Failure to comply will usually result in high fines. As such, these water conservation techniques can help to use in times of water restrictions for car washing, washing the driveway, mats or watering your plants in the garden.

Steer clear of using this water for drinking and cooking as it may contain chemicals. Asphalt roofing for instance isn’t recommended for using rain barrels for drinking. Metal too isn’t really recommended if it contains lead, as this can create more problems than solutions. A medical bill can run much higher than a fine, and considering that there are usually no restrictions for indoor water use, it’s usually futile to put your health at risk.

The EPA outlines the best practices for rooftop water use and how to divert storm water as an example. You should be diligent about filtering and pasteurizing the water before using it internally.

Other reasons these systems may appeal include – eco-friendly living. The eco-conscious consumer is avid about saving the planet’s resources and leaving enough and more for future generations to come.

For a green roof, there are many you can choose including:

Solar Panels – roofers can install these to preserve energy use, and not just water use alone. You can cut down your monthly energy bill with these simple installations.

Cool Roofs – are made from a wide variety of materials. They are less expensive than an initial solar panel roofing system, plus they keep your home cool inside during the hot months.

What You Need to Do When Installing Rain Barrels

Have the roofing contractor check for leaks periodically to ensure that puddles of water aren’t settling on the roof, or the gutter systems aren’t clogged.

Ask about how to install heat roofing systems that can melt the snow in the wintertime. There are many roofing accessories to date that allow you to customize based on the weather and your own specific needs. As an example, during the spring and summer, beautiful accessories such as rain chains can be attached from the roofing and hanged down to the length of the ground or higher.

Check for algae, moss and mold – the roofer can also check to see that no mold is forming in and around the roof from these rain catcher systems, and present solutions to tackle this is such is the case. Testing for mold is usually conducted through testing kits.

Find out about other eco-friendly tips as it relates to roofing by visiting the EPA or consulting with a roofer.


I’ve always loved travel.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do as much of it as I would like, due to the fact that is so expensive.  I have some friends that were born rich.  They don’t have any problems traveling.  I also have a few friends that live a virtually homeless lifestyle. Somehow, those friends are also able to travel extensively.  The trick that these friends have is that they are able to leave everything behind in the United States.  When they are in one of the numerous Latin American countries that they travel in, my friends that live like homeless people in the US, live that same way in Latin America.  They have discovered that one can live very cheaply in a developing nation.  My issue is that I am somewhere in between my rich friends and my poor friends.  I don’t have the money to travel the world in luxury.  At the same time, I don’t want to travel like a homeless person.  I tried it once in my 20s.  It was great at the time.  But, as I am now in my thirties, I want a little more luxury in my travels.  I was on a quick visit to Thailand a couple of years ago where I met a man from Argentina that was working as he traveled.  The manner by which he traveled was by being a commercial photographer.  The man, whose name was Manu, took photos with his Canon SLR and sold them to a number of travel publications when he got back to his homeland of Argentina.  I asked him a lot of questions because I was so fascinated.  When I got back to the States, I decided to look into it.  It turned out that he was doing something pretty common.  The role of commercial photographer has been outsourced to the masses who have professional grade cameras.  Being a filmmaker, I had several cameras around the house.  I decided to give it a go and try to fund a trip to South America by pretending to be a commercial photographer and taking pictures.  The trick to the process is making sure that you can sell the pictures that you take once you get back.  I wasn’t necessarily confident that I would be able to sell my photos, so I decided to take a small trip that I knew that I could afford.  On the trip I actually went to visit Manu in his home town. He was excited that I had taken the plunge.  We talked more about the different ways of selling photographs.  There are numerous websites that one can upload photographs to in order to sell them.  After my short trip to South America, I got back and tried to sell my photos.  Luckily, I was able sell enough that I payed for my trip.  I officially became a commercial photographer.  Since the first trip, I have taken two other trips that I was able to pay for with my pictures. I love to travel.


urgent careLike every other aspect of our society, healthcare has changed quite a bit over the years.  This is because the idea of what people expect from the medical industry changes over time.  One of the most revolutionary advancements in the way people access healthcare was the development of urgent care.  Urgent care clinics quickly spread across the country because they made it far more convenient to be able to see a general practitioner. Instead of relying on appointments like an ordinary primary care office, urgent care clinics treat patients on a first-come, first-serve basis.  This may seem like a strange concept to employ in a doctor’s office, but it has made accessing healthcare far more simpler.  When it comes to treating illnesses that have recently developed, waiting around for an appointment is counter-intuitive.  By not treating a condition right away, you may be allowing it to worsen.  That is why you should go to an urgent care clinic, if at all possible, at the first sign of illness.  Because they simply treat patients as they show up at the clinic, the doctors at urgent care clinics are able to see the largest number of patients possible.  Not only that, each patient’s total wait time is minimized.  The other aspect of the schedule of an urgent care clinic that is so appealing is the fact that it is open seven days a week.  Most doctor’s offices only operate on Monday through Friday, so if you develop an illness on the weekend, there is nothing you can do.  Urgent care centers, on the other hand, are open from eight in the morning until nine at night every day.  Of course, urgent care centers are not meant to simply treat illnesses.  They can also deal with minor injuries.  People often assume that they must go to the hospital for all injuries, but that is simply not the case.  Minor and moderate injuries can be handled by the general practitioners at an urgent care clinic.  This includes anything from a scrape or a cut to a a minor broken bone.  If you are injured but not severely, you may be a lot better off going to an urgent care clinic, instead of the emergency room.  Emergency room visits are incredibly expensive for one thing.  Plus, there are enough genuine emergencies that can occur in a night that it is not appropriate to go there for a very minor injury.  Because convenience is such an important part of what people appreciate about urgent care clinics, you should find one close to your home.  That way, it will not be inconvenient to get there.  Traveling is always more stressful than usual when you are not feeling well.  You can run an online search of in-network urgent care centers that are near your home.  You can locate one that is closest to you and your local pharmacy.  That way, you will minimize the amount of time it takes for you to receive your prescription.  Most doctors will call your prescriptions in for you, so you do not have to wait.

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Roofer marketing works when a number of different strategies are implemented simultaneously. Focusing on just one strategy all of the time will not yield the most productive effect. You want to attract new customers with a number of strategies, but just attracting them is not enough. You want them to continue to patronize your roofing company. So even if you only attracted new customers with only one strategy, you are still going to need another one to create repeat business. This can all be a bit confusing and daunting for people who are not experts in the field or trained marketers. Because of how intuitive a lot of new software, some may think that this is the type of task that can be completed in an afternoon with a Mac. I once worked for a non-profit overseas that thought just that. I learned the hardware that it is all more complicated than you realize. So for a strategy of attracting and retaining customers of your roofing company, you want to hire the pros. What might the pros do when you hire them? Well, I suspect that they will start with roofer SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a way of increasing your web presence through search engines. You want your website to appear at the top of the results page on a search engine. This increases the likelihood that a customer is going to enter your website and patronize your roofing company. When was the last time that you dared to venture to the fifth page of search engine results? Maybe never. Instead, you probably go back to the original search and refine your entry. If not you, this is what most people do. SEO works by tying your website to particular, pre-selected keywords that increase the specificity of the search entry. This is often the name of the in which your roofing company operates. By increasing your web presence for those that are most likely to patronize your roofing company, you are able to attract new customers. Getting new business in the door is hugely important as the roofing industry changes. You cannot rely on what worked effectively yesterday. So you want to hedge your bets by bringing in new customers. Roofing SEO is perfect for this. But getting new customers is not enough. You want to hang onto those customers. That is where web design enters the picture. When these people see your roofing website in the results page, you want to impress them and convey professionalism through your web design. For old timers, I may seem silly, but would you not wash the windows in front of your shop or sweep the sidewalk in front? You do this because you want to make a good impression and appear professional. This is the physical equivalent of web design for your website. The web site for your roofing company is your modern day storefront. You it to attract people, but then you want them to like it once they enter.

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More and more business is being conducted online. As digital media continues to be entrenched in our everyday lives, it is hard to get away from the realization that this is the new norm for businesses. And as a consumer, I think that it is great. It makes my life easier and more convenient. As businesses go online and create a more consumer-friendly marketplace, they have to learn to represent their business in a different than they used to. You cannot use the old methods of marketing in the same ways as before. If you are going to use older principles of marketing, they have to be applied to a digital format. Online reputation management is one of the ways that businesses are adapting and adjusting to a changing format for business representation. Online reputation marketing is a great way of keeping positive information about your business flowing and monitoring the dissemination of one disgruntled customer. But even reputation marketing services are changing as the Internet changes. Because the Internet is necessarily on computers, which are basically very big calculators, the underlying grid of the Internet is composed of numbers. That means that your businesses digital presence is also a matter of numbers. That means that people out there that are far better at math than I am are able to analyze particular strains of number related to your business to better understand who is visiting your website, what they are doing on your website, which changes and adjustments to your marketing strategies are having which affects, and so on. Statisticians are having their day with reputation management because the knowledge about what works and what does not is the key to efficient marketing. If a particular practice is not working now and the stats indicate that there is no good reason to think that it could work in the future, why would you continue with that practice? You can craft your business’ online reputation more effectively when you understand which practices have an effect upon your demographic. Statistics and impulse work hand in hand. Numbers cannot be creative. Numbers do not suddenly get inspiration. So you can still be creative with how you conduct your business. You do not have to defer to the stats. But the stats do reveal counterintuitive truths that can really steer the direction of your company. They can also help spark creativity. Perhaps you learn from the analysis of your website’s traffic and the reputation stats that a particular marketing strategy is particularly effective. Then you know in which direction to focus your creative efforts. Knowledge is power, and online reputation marketing has the ability to give you considerably more knowledge about your business’ online reputation through statistical analysis. You need to consult with a reputation management company to see what you can do to learn about your online reputation and what can be done to improve it. You are selling people a service or a product, but you are also selling them your brand, which rides upon your reputation.

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I was recently introduced to a laser process called Zerona.  Zerona is a mechanism that was introduced in 2008 that uses a low level laser process in order to get rid of fat.  The process is a lot like liposuction.  The difference is that it isn’t a surgery.  It’s actually a lot more like tanning than anything else.  While that the actual mechanism of how it works isn’t totally clear, the results are amazing.  I have seen people that have lost up to 40 pounds.  It has an almost identical result to liposuction.  But, there is no cuts or slices.  The process works a laser that doesn’t penetrate your skin.  The usual progression takes a recommended two weeks.  Each week, you would need to have three treatments. Most people say that a treatment is actually very relaxing.  All you have to do is lay down and let the lasers do their work.  The treatment doesn’t work through clothes so you would have to wear the sort of clothes that you would wear to the tanning salon.  After three sessions per week for two weeks, you can expect to lose up to twenty pounds.  Zerona is absolutely amazing.  There are several ways that you can increase the results.  The first thing everybody should do is hydrate.  They say that before you have a treatment, you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.  That means that if you weigh 160 pounds then you should drink 80 ounces of water.  I personally weigh a lot so I would have to drink a ton of water.  In general hydration is actually a very important thing not only for weight loss but also for your health in general.  Another thing that is recommended for you before treatments that is also a good idea for your health in general is eating extra fiber.  Usually they recommend two apples right before you go in for a treatment.  There are a lot of ways to get fiber.  Celery, broccoli, and avocados are all very high in fiber.   After the treatments, it is recommended that you receive a massage.  Once again, massages are great for your overall health in general.  After massages, you are often told to take a hot bath with a tub full of Epsom salt.  That same bath will do wonders for you after a Zerona treatment for the same reasons that it works for massages.  After a massage, the toxins that were held in your muscles flow through your blood stream.  The Epsom salt bath helps to pull those toxins out of your pores.  An Epsom salt bath after Zerona treatment will actually pull the fat cells that are realeased during the treatment out of you pores.  I think Zerona might change the world.  While the immediate effect of Zerona is that many people will be able to lose some body fat that will in turn make them feel good about themselves.  Eventually, Zerona might be used to end the epidemic of obesity that is overtaking America.

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My experience in buying and flipping homes has taught me some valuable lessons about dealing with builders and contractors. I’m sure you have all heard horror stories of contractors doing shoddy work and then skipping town so as to avoid the repercussions and unfortunately those types of stories happen more often than are reported. Often times the erroneous construction is found by another owner of the house, usually too late to do anything about it.

For every type of construction that might be done to your house there are different kinds of contractors to look out for. In particular it is often difficult for people to gauge whether or not they should hire a certain roofing contractor or not. This is partially because more often than not when people are contacting a roofing contractor it is because of storm damage or because something large has fallen on their roofing damaging it. During these high stress times people are more inclined to hire the first contractor they come across and this can lead to a lot more stress in the long run. It isn’t beyond most contractors to cut corners in order to maximize their profits, this can mean using existing material for future jobs even though it may be structurally unsound or not adhering to OSHA safety regulations when up on the roof.

There are many roofers in your area to call when the time comes to replace tiles, fix a hole or even to add on to an existing structure. Be sure to check with the better business bureau to see if the are registered. Registration with the better business bureau is completely voluntary so often times you can tell one company is better or more trustworthy simply by the fact that they are with the BBB. You’ll want to talk with them on the phone and have a list of questions to ask them. These questions should be specific to your project or about upgrades you can make to your existing structure. You’ll want to ask how long the company has been in business and whether or not they have a portfolio of projects that you can see. Often times just a few pictures will tell a great deal more than any website or advertisement ever could.

For the last house that I bought and flipped I called JK Roofing because I had used them once previously and had a wonderful experience. As soon as they picked up the phone I remembered why I rated them so highly, the staff is friendly and always eager to help you tackle your project. On top of that they hire only the best roofers to work with and they never contract out anyone. This means there is always responsibility and accountability for everything they do. Roofing is serious business and can have big implications if you are hoping to sell your house. Not to mention that roofing your house isn’t exactly cheap so you want to spend your money on something that will not only look great but last.