I’m Back, Baby!

By Matt Sussman | Mar 3, 2009 | Filed Under Memos | Comments (4)

invest in Microsoft shares in Kenya No, just kidding. Still keeping it printy over at the TFP.

But I have fallen to the Twitter collective, and it’s an artificial high that I just can’t part with. So if’n you have the late night craving for short, undeveloped thoughts, please follow me. I might follow you too. I mean in real life. Driving a green El Camino. Yeah, that’ll be me.

There’s also a Treehouse Fort Twitter (Tweet-house Fort?) that Tuffy and I are taking gentle care of from time to time. That’s where most of the sportsy ruminations that aren’t UT or BGSU will be collected.

Okay. Back to being dormant. [pretends to be asleep]

This Space For Rent

By Matt Sussman | Jan 4, 2009 | Filed Under Memos | Comments (3)


Buy Microsoft shares Usually when a site closes up shop, there’s all sorts of profound reflection on the great years, the great posts, and the feeling that, hey, I’m gonna miss this thing. And some of that’s very true here at the Futon Report, but honestly this blog was very poorly maintained, and you can probably blame the publishers of all the wonderful sites that offered me writing opportunities for that. Specifically, Leitch/Daulerio, Brooks, EO, and MM were all so gracious to take a chance and let me run free on their publications, there was really nobody except for a handful of friends and readers who said, “hey, how come you haven’t posted yet?”

Also, two server crashes and 18 months of lost blog posts can really discourage one from trying to continue on. But that doesn’t mean it was all bad. I’ve met and made friends as a result of developing this blog. One reader even offered me a ticket to probably the best ballgame I’ve ever attended in exchange for a pair of limited edition Futon Report t-shirts for him and his wife.

But it’s been three years, and I’ve made the decision to stop posting here on a regular* basis. But I’m not quitting. On the contrary, I’m moving my regular 1-3 posts a week to the Toledo Free Press website, which almost makes perfect sense since the column I’ve done for them since 2006 has the same name as this website.

Henceforth, all my postings shall be found here, with the RSS feed being, well, that link I just shared. This website shall stand more as a portfolio of my ongoing typing throughout the Internet, so it won’t be horrible if you keep it bookmarked, although it’s certainly not a bad idea if you discard this.

Microsoft shares There’s also another project in the works; I’ll probably announce it here when it’s live then proclaim “no mas” for futonreport.net. Shall anything else arise — say, if I decide to revive the Daily Sussman eight years removed or if I become the new wicker furniture columnist for Better Homes And Gardens — you’ll probably hear about it on this webpagesite.

Hopefully you weren’t expecting some grandiose finale to futonreport.net; going out like this is probably more fanfare than what is deserved. Actually, if the server were to collapse upon itself like a supernova in April, that would be wholly appropriate.

See you all on the TFP, and anywhere else my cybernetic thoughts may roam.

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