I somehow, through all my experiences with being a bride’s maid in all my friend’s weddings, have become an unofficial wedding planner. I was also a pastry chef and a foody so when it came down to choosing the right caterer for the wedding or the right cake, I was an expert. I had participated in five weddings now and this was the third one that I was asked to make the bride’s maids dresses for. One of my many talents was fashion design and I knew how to use a sewing machine so it was no wonder why my friends asked me to design and make the dresses. The last wedding catering company that we hired for my friend’s wedding was disappointing so I already knew that we were going to go back to one that we used for the previous two. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if people didn’t like the food at my wedding, it’d be a disaster and one that I’d never forget. Everyone strived for perfection when it came to weddings because they knew how important of an occasion it was. The catering company was under a lot of pressure to deliver a meal that people would remember for all the right reasons. I remembered the last time that we hired  Still Waters Food Service Inc.The Gourmet Kitchen to cater a wedding and how absolutely delicious and perfectly executed it was. The Chicken, Beef and Vegetarian choices were all very good and the hors d’oeuvres were a decided hit. I wasn’t sure who I was going to recommend for the cake but there was no doubt who we were going with for a caterer. Just the sound of Spinach Mushroom and Cream Cheese stuffed Tenderloin reaffirmed the decision to go with a tried and true caterer that I had personal experience with. I wanted to look at the menu online again to see if there was anything new. We were going to have them handle a three course meal that included a choice of two different dinner salads and then a protein with balsamic glazed vegetables or garlic mashed potatoes and then a dessert. The wedding cake would be a dessert in itself but we figured that it wouldn’t hurt to serve some Chocolate Mousse Bites and Cannolis before the cutting of the cake ceremony. I looked at the menu online and my mouth started to water with anticipation, everything sounded so delicious that it hurt to even read the options. A salad with Baby Greens and shaved Gorgonzola, sliced Pears and Pecans tossed in Walnut Raspberry dressing and their Apple Jicima Slaw with Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette sounded like heaven. Those were just a couple of the choices for salad, I haven’t even gotten into the hors d’oeuvres or the meat choices yet. I didn’t remember them having so many pasta dishes but there were a few that I definitely wanted to try. Spending other people’s money was fun but they knew that they could trust me to make the right decisions because I’d done this so many times.

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I will admit that I am kind of a clean freak. Maybe it was something that I inherited from my mom. Looking back now I realize how much I should have appreciated the fact that I grew up in a very clean home. It was something that I think I always took for granted but now that I have my own home and my own messy kids, I remember how much I liked it when I could invite my friends over and not be embarrassed about my home. I want to provide the same sense of security for my kids too. That being said, maintaining a clean house when you have kids is nearly impossible. As they should be, they are always running in and out and tracking dirt and things throughout the house. We tried for a while to have a “no shoes in the house” rule, but that didn’t last long. I do my best to keep the floors and carpets looking nice but there is only so much that I can do on my own.

Carpet cleanerAfter an especially messy and active summer, I decided to have the carpets in my home professionally cleaned before the new school year started. I shopped around at a couple of different local places and eventually decided to go with Curtice Chemdry. I was able to schedule my appointment quickly and the cleaners came later that same week. After they were finished I was thrilled with the results. The carpets practically looked brand new. I thought that I had been doing a decent job at keeping them clean but by the time the professional carpet cleaners were done my carpets looked a different color. A clean color. After that I was inspired to deep clean the rest of my house. I took an entire weekend and cleaned from top to bottom. I recruited my kids as well and made sure that they cleaned their rooms and their closets.

After we were done the house was cleaner than I think it had ever been before. I re-implemented the “no shoes in the house” rule and requested that everyone be careful to follow it, myself included. We were able to maintain the cleanliness of the house for a matter of hours, which is a record for my family. A couple of hours in my son ran through the house chasing the cat and ran in to my daughter who was carrying a full glass of juice. Thankfully it only spilled all over the kitchen floor and not on the carpets that were professionally cleaned just a day before. The kids felt bad and they agreed to clean it up and told me not to get off of the couch. School started a couple of days later and with school comes even more stuff that my kids leave lying around the house. At least we got off to a clean start with the school year. I am sure that next year I will need to have the carpets professionally cleaned again.

Amanda Friese

Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine there are a lot of options for how you can treat the pain you are suffering from in your back. They have Spine surgery if that is where the problem is originating from and they have a world of other back pain surgeries to choose from as well. You only need to do some serious investigation to find out what is the best option for you condition and then after consulting a medical professional, you can take the next step and start you back pain treatment, but while all of this is important for you and you battle against back pain, you must remember that avoiding drinking alcohol while driving a vehicle and crashing, will be your most important tool against back pain in the future.

I am sure that you have put a lot of thought into the way you will approach your current back pain but have you given that same thought into preventing the problem from returning.  Your doctor will tell you all about different exercises that you can do in the morning to help lessen the tension you are feeling in your back but I want to tell you that keeping away from alcohol while you are operating you motor vehicle is an equally important step in the fight against back discomfort.

This will not be the first time that modern day back pain treatment has stepped in and helped you regain your life. They took your body and put it back in full-functioning order. This will not be the first time that doctors have made it possible for you to go running with your wife or to play baseball with the kids. Modern science is just one long miracle passing into another.  You need to also remember that this is not the first time that an alcohol related car accident has caused you to suffer from back pain.

Last year you crashed your car twice because you had been drinking alcohol. The accident left your car destroyed on both occasions and it also left you with various back problems, the force of a vehicle smashing into a tree at 50 miles per hour is amazing and it can really leave your back in bad shape. There are so many potential problems when it comes to the back and high speed car accidents.

This time, get your back fixed right. Make sure that they take good care of you and leave you with a back free of pain. Make sure you pick the best medical facility to have your operation done in and make sure the doctor doing your operation is the top in his or her field. After everything is all back to normal and you are no longer suffering from daily back pain, remember one more thing; it can all be avoided by not drinking and driving. If you are not involved in any more car accidents, you can just stop the back problems before they start.

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Sonny Andrew

For being what some call America’s original cuisine, BBQ is quite diverse and looks and tastes different all across the country. There is Texas style barbeque, Kansas City style Barbeque, Memphis style Barbeque, North Carolina Style Barbeque, South Caroline style Barbeque and Alabama style BBQ just to name a few. They are all different and unique to their own niche. Here are some examples of the different styles provided by TexasBarbeques.com:
Mounds of sliced beef brisket, German sausage, and meaty ribs. Beef is king in Texas, so the brisket is tops in any list.
Texas bbq sauce is a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce and is usually served on the side or lightly spooned onto the meat after cooking. It is usually not put on the meat during cooking.
Common among the Texas bbq side dishes are pinto beans, coleslaw, potato salad, fried okra, and a slice of plain white Mrs. Baird’s bread. Also, condiments like sliced pickled cucumbers or jalapeno peppers go very well with Texas barbeque.
North Carolina
In Eastern North Carolina, it is a simple vinegar-based sauce with some red and black pepper and a few spices. Sometimes a little sugar is added to tone down the vinegar.
With Western North Carolina barbeque, they take that same barbeque sauce and add ketchup to it. That makes it thicker and a little sweeter.
There is one thing North Carolinians do agree about in their bbq. In nearly all of North Carolina Barbeque, pork shoulder is the meat of choice.
Nowhere else in the country is barbeque and bbq sauce quite like Alabama’s. This unique and non-traditional way of preparing barbecue is still not that well known. But don’t tell anyone in Alabama. To most folks there, this is the only way to barbeque.
The white sauce gets most of its color and flavor from a mayonnaise base. And just like many other barbecue sauces, you always want to brush this one on at the very end (the last 5 minutes of grilling) or it will break down because of the heat. You also want to prevent this sauce from burning, as it doesn’t work well if blackened.
As you can see there is a lot of variance in the way that people like to BBQ. Some like beef and some like pork. The taste in sauce also differs. Some like it sweet and some like it white with a mayonnaise base. The only way you can know which one is your favorite is to go on a road trip throughout the United States and try all of the different BBQ and BBQ sauces. In order for this to work it must be done scientifically. You should go to each state that has a prominent BBQ scene. You should then find out which towns are known for good BBQ and pick 5 BBQ restaurants from each to try. You will need to develop a rating system and then rate each restaurant. At the end of your trip you will compile all of your data and then you will know which BBQ style you like the best.


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Hannah Savage

With any kind of machine there are so many different kinds of services that you need in order to maintain that piece of equipment. A garage door is the exact same way so it’s imperative for you to find a company like Colorado Garage Door who will offer you all of the services that you need so you can have a one stop shop when it comes to your garage door repairgarage door. It can be incredibly overwhelming to have to deal with your garage door breaking down or acting in a way that seemed suspicious to you. It’s a good thing to know what kinds of services Colorado Garage Door offers so you can be prepared at a moment’s notice if anything goes awry. After all to live our productive lives we need to have our garage doors fulling functioning.

One of the main services that Colorado Garage Door offers is garage door installation. Ranging in sizes and prices Colorado Garage Door offers to you their experience and expertise when it comes to garage doors. You never have to worry about whether you are installing the right kind of door for your home because they will let you know exactly what you need.

They also help with garage door repair such as helping to fix your garage door opener. Once the garage door opener stops working then the garage no longer becomes a gateway but you are now stuck inside of your garage which is absolutely not help at all. Colorado Garage Door will help you with getting that fixed with their same day service and their twenty-four hour a day and seven day a week emergency service. They also offer the more elusive garage door spring repair and replacement. They offer general garage door replacement as well but sometimes it can be as simple as replacing and repairing some of the springs that help make the entire machine move as smoothly as possible. They will be able to help you fix something as simple as that to prevent you from more costly repairs like a garage door replacement.

As well as the other repairs mentioned they will offer you the garage door service of repairing the cable in the track of the door. If this cable is no longer fulling functioning than your garage door can get off its track and it can no longer go up and down. Colorado Garage Door will be able to tell what it is that needs to be serviced on your door right away so you can get back to using your garage door. They also provide garage door roller replacement. The rollers are what makes the door go easily and up and down on the track. If you don’t have these working correctly than you have an issue.

They also offer garage door panel replacement so you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole door though they also offer that as well. Each of these products they carry in their store so you can be sure that you will get all of the high quality products and services that you need for a fully functioning garage door.

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Blackhawk Colorado may be a small town, there are only about one hundred people who live there and call it home. But one little known fact about the area is that it boasts more casinos than Atlantic City, a much bigger and better known gambling town than Blackhawk. When the town was losing citizens and having a hard time enticing people to live and work in such a small mountain town, the city council realized that they were going to have to close down due to lack of industry, or change the laws and ordinances that governed the town. They needed a strong industry that would create the revenue that the town needed and wasn’t able to get from the very small tax base that they had dealt with for many decades. The idea to allow casinos in the town limits was a bit of a contentious one, but it was eventually agreed upon and passed into law. Over the many years since that has happened, industry really has come to the mountains of Colorado. Once a very sleep dot on a small and winding highway heading west out of Denver, Blackhawk now boasts more casinos than Atlantic City, and several high rise hotels that offer all the same comforts and qualities that you would find if you were to visit a larger and more popular gaming and gambling town. Atlantic City may have the ocean as a draw, but Blackhawk has the incredible views of the Rocky Mountains out the back door, and the allure of an old mining town that still holds a lot of the charm that comes from those old buildings and city streets.

The casinos have brought a lot of the entertainment that was missing from town life as well, from the Central City Opera to all of the traveling theater companies that pass through town on a regular basis. There are several original bars that are still in operation from the original mining town daysblackhawk restaurants, and also new and trendy clubs and bars in the hotels that attract weekend vacationers from Denver as well as a high number of out of state travelers. The city council now collects the necessary revenues to keep the town moving forward and keep the bills paid, and that is certainly thanks to the 17 casinos that have been built up in the town limits. There are so many more jobs than were available before, from the restaurants and hotels to the casinos themselves, everyone is always hiring to keep up with the influx of vacationers and other travelers who pass through to see the gambling town in the height of the rocky mountains. There does not seem to be any slowing down, and soon there may be many more than the 17 casinos here, since they are all small and in the original mining town buildings, there is definitely room for a few more to crop up on the main highway. As the hotels are building rooms, the casinos are expanding and the restaurants are growing.


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When I was growing up, I used to really like to visit my mom at her dental office.  It was really cool to walk around and see all of the doctors doing work and the patients getting their teeth cleaned.  That still hasn’t changed for me, although I do miss having my mom clean my teeth.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I have learned is that I will be forever comparing all of my future dental escapades with those that I experienced growing up.  It will be a sort of with mom and after mom timeframe.  I just hope that everything that happens in the future does not pertain to cavities or oral surgery.  It is not that I have a fear of oral surgery, but rather I think that most healthy mouths should not require it.  My biggest thought is that the best way to go about getting the surgery would be to make sure that all future visits to the dentist are positive ones and as a result, the surgery would be more preventative than anything else.  That does not less the fact that I think I am doing pretty well.

dental careMy fear of oral surgery has more do to with the fact that it means that I am not doing as good of a job as I can.  Teeth are a fickle thing and each persons’s teeth are different.  The same goes for people’s temperatures and bodies.  There is no normal and that is why my friend can run at least a mile each day and I will be wrecking my knees if I try to go two in a row. The best way for me to address this is by focusing on what I can do best.  In the dental sense, this means that if I continue to floss and brush my teeth with some sort of regularity, there is a good chance, that I will be able to be successful in the future by avoiding having to get dental surgery.  In my mind, this means that through brushing and flossing, relatively easy practices, I will be able to avoid having to go searching for dentures.  I am sure that there are affordable dentures out there, but that does not mean that they are going to be easy to use and convenient.  No, there are probably some that are better than real teen, but those dental implants could be outrageously expensive.  That is why, anything that you can do to avoid having to get dentures, the better.  I am familiar with what I am able to do to get better teeth and even improve the teeth that I have now.  One of those things would be to buy one of those great electronic tooth brushes that vibrates and brushes, so that you get into the little cracks in your teeth in addition to the outside of them.  That is what my dental hygienist recommended that I get at least.  I am considering it because I think it could be worth it down the road.

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. That’s one of the sayings that I use a lot when I’m trying to establish a sense of urgency. But, like anything that is said too much over the course of time, it loses emphasis each time it’s muttered. I found myself saying that to my sales team when it was crunch time and by now, it didn’t mean a thing. I got the saying from my father, he seemed to always be saying it when standing by the open door of the garage, waiting for the last of us to pile into the car when we were going somewhere. I can’t say that I can remember any of his other sayings, but I can remember a lot of other stuff that he taught me. One thing he taught me, and I’ll never forget, is how to work hard and not make excuses. This has served me well whether I was digging ditches or cashing in on SEO leadsSEO leads. I was a jack of all trades and was good with my hands, but when I finally grew up and let a woman make an honest man out of me, I needed to start thinking about a career. I knew she wanted kids and although I was indifferent about the matter, I knew that I’d need to find a way to support the little parasites. I guess that I couldn’t be careless and worry-free forever. I ended up by chance, getting an entry-level sales job at a farm equipment and parts company, and that was the beginning.

Now, I managed a sales team for a company that provided heavy machinery for government, contract jobs. The only companies that own a lot of heavy machinery are companies like mine who ship the machinery all over the world. The lead generation service and software that I just purchased was killing it too, so I needed to hire and train another couple guys. We started to slow down more than expected with the recent economic downturn, so I took a chance and decided to go with a new live leads company to attract us more potential customers. It was nice being involved in an industry that people needed all over the world but sometimes, it’s harder to find us than it should be. That’s what we’re trying to fix, we just hired an SEO company to put together an internet marketing campaign for us to increase our presence in general. Before I got this job, I worked for an SEO company while I was looking for something in my pay grade. I learned a lot about how they work and in fact, was the person who pitched the idea of hiring an SEO company to the boss. He had apparently heard of it before but no one ever sat down with him and made him understand the obvious value. Well, I did and now I’m on a gravy train with biscuit wheel because the boss thinks I’m some kind of genius.

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I have to admit it, I am one of those people that finds themselves fixed to the TV after innocently turning the channel to see what is on TLC. Or is it the History Channel? It doesn’t matter because as soon as I find myself watching either Pawn Stars to the self storage auction show, I can’t turn myself away.  Each show has the ability to suck you in and leaves you wanting more and more and more. What they are able to do is find a great mixture between suspense and your ability to judge the value of the items before you actually find out their worth  It is also kind of cool because there are also snippets of history within each episode.

There was one recent episode of Storage Wars that I watched and they were finding all sorts of antique furniture.  The cool thing with the furniture was that it was made in the 18th Century.  All of the sudden, I was able to learn quite a bit about the 18th Century in America.  I have to imagine that that show brought a whole new understanding to everything that is going on with the self storage units.

self storageSelf storage has been around for a very long time in the United States.  It has functioned as a way for people to get access to storage that they would not have previously had at their homes.  This is particularly pertinent for people that live in cities.  It is very difficult for someone to get a shed or a storage locker in the city and so the storage units off a great chance for people to keep some of their valuables without having to store them at their homes.  I know that I would have purchased a storage unit many times if my current place did not have a place to store stuff in the garage.  I guess that it also matters that I do not own a number of things that you would usually find in a garage.  The other thing is that not having room to store anything means that I either have to find a creative place to keep it or I have to get rid of it.  There is no room for me to be keeping things that I do not need.  I even just bought a vacuum and I am having trouble figuring out where I am going to be able to keep it.  I just don’t have any closets.  Nevertheless, that is exactly why storage units are so cool.  You can keep just about anything in there.  In many of the episodes, people are just finding old tax records and papers.  People just want to be able to keep stuff and instead of trying to keep the stuff they just put it in a storage rental and forget about it.  Lots of times they actually do forget about it and that is why the locker shows up on the show for auction and plundering.

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Have you ever wondered what real people have to say about Urgent Care? Here is a great review I found online that really gets to the heart of what Urgent Care Extra Litchfield is all about:
Urgent Care Extra Litchfield medical center is completely and utterly dedicated and committed to making sure that the people in this Arizona town, as well as surrounding areas, are getting the medical care and attention that they need. It is extremely important to the people that work at the Litchfield Urgent Care Extra medical center that they are helping people feel better when they are sick and heal people who have injured or hurt themselves
There are so many wonderful aspects of the Urgent Care Extra Litchfield medical center that you would be hard pressed to not find a reason to go here if you are sick or ill or injured and cannot afford or want to go to an emergency room and/or cannot get an appointment with your primary care or family doctor. It is also important to take into consideration the fact that not every single person in the state of Arizona or in the city of Litchfield has a primary care physician that they can rely on to call when they or a member of their family is ill or is not feeling well or has injured or hurt themselves.
A lot of people just do not have a regular doctor and this fact makes the work that the people at the urgent care centers, like the Urgent Care Extra in Litchfield, Arizona, so much more important than it already is. The jobs of the people at these medical urgent care centers are ones that are so important not just to individuals and families who are sick or injured but really to the community and the city and the state of Arizona as a whole. All of the Urgent Care Extra medical centers that are located and scattered throughout the state of Arizona as well as the rest of the country are places that are very important and that are doing a great job when it comes to helping people who are ill or injured and who need help right away but are not able to or willing to go to an expensive emergency room to get the care that they need.
Wow, what a powerful review that was. If you have ever visited Urgent Care Extra Litchfield then you know how true this review really is. You may be one of the people who does not have a primary care physician and relies on Urgent Care for all of your medical needs. You would also know that they go out of their way to make prescription medication easily accessible and affordable. There is nothing worse than going to a doctor that charges an outrageous amount of money, spends 5 minutes with you to diagnose you and then loads you on medication that is crazy overly priced. This will never happen at Urgent Care Extra Litchfield. You can be sure that you are receiving the best care out there!

Urgent Care Extra Litchfield

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web design

In order to run a successful online marketing campaign you have to have a clear vision of what your company is, where you want to go and how you can get there. Without this road map of success at your side at all times you can become too invested in a method of marketing that isn’t giving you a return on your investment. For example, often times the owner of a business will become convinced that the key to their marketing success lies in one particular method such as TV promotions or radio spots. He or she becomes so convinced that this current trend will work for their company that they continue to pour money into it even though another form of marketing might do the job better. Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed so a company can remain diverse and multi-faceted.

For any company in the Salt Lake area in need of online marketing I would suggest contacting the Envolve Agency. They are an online marketing firm that coins themselves a “social agency” because so much of marketing these days revolves around exposure over the various social media platforms. They are known to take an accurate “temperature” of the local market and craft a plan of action tailored to your specific company. No need spending your money on a billboard campaign that is situated in a predominantly older neighborhood if your core audience is young and living in another part of town. Even if you are able to accurately pinpoint which radio station your demographic listens to or which TV channel they prefer, there is no way to know if your advertisement is being seen or heard at that specific time. Now consider the way a social media strategy might work and compare the two:

With an effective strategy to advertise or market via social media sites like Facebook and Google+ you can compile existing data to know exactly when and where to advertise. Perhaps there are certain websites your would-be customers visit often and a simple banner ad will drive them towards your awaiting website. If that isn’t the case you may find that certain YouTube channels are popular among your demographic and you can commission The Envolve Agency to produce and edit a video to play before that goes on. This would be a sure fire way to know that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. Videos are considered a “high trust” form of media because you can express the views and goals of your company in moving pictures, words and music. Customers usually identify strongly with video advertisements.

For companies in or around the area of Salt Lake needing web development I would strongly recommend using The Envolve Agency. Speak with them candidly about the goals and aspirations and they will work with you to make something uniquely yours. This is a marketing firm that is based off of helping you reach your goals and convey the passion you have for your business to your customers.

Any time you are buying something new, you want to be sure you are buying from a company that completely understands the product that you are buying. Not only the product itself, but when buying big products and services, it’s good to buy from a company that knows the product historically and presently and even has a good idea of where the production will be going in the future. That is Cartasite is suggested for any one who needs products and services in the Oil and Gas industry. They offer several services that involve fleet management and gps asset tracking. These services can offer you the real time of what your employee’s and your equipment are doing out in the field. Cartasite offers this service to provide optimum safety for the environment and for your employees. Just like you wouldn’t pick a company to provide you with something they didn’t know anything about, Cartasite knows all about the oil and gas industry so they are absolutely someone you can trust to get your oil and gas fleet management and other needs met.

I have a friend who works in the oil and gas industry and she is always telling me how dangerous and stressful it can be. She says they are constantly having to assess the safety of every situation and to be sure everyone is up to date on the latest safety guidelines out in the field. They are really excited when new technology allows them to keep better tabs on what is happening in the various fields and that is something that Cartasite offers to companies who are in the oil and gas industry. I am sure that my friend would find great solace in the services and products that Cartasite offers individuals who are doing this hard, risky and important work. Cartasite cares about the safety of the individuals who work in the field and will do whatever is needed to keep using the latest technology to help keep people safer and happier in the field.

My friend also told me that it can be really hard to follow all of the environmental protocols and sometimes you get so busy and distracted you may forget to tighten something here or shut something as quickly as you should there. But with some of the services they offer to the oil and gas industry along with fleet management is technology that will let workers know if something wasn’t shut all of the way, or if there is a leak forming here. Cartasite is committed to making sure everyone is covering their tracks and keeping not only individuals and coworkers safe but our environment safe so we can keep our world looking beautiful and strong for generations to come. Cartastite believes in the importance of that and so does my friend who works in the oil and gas industry. I should get her connected with what they offer but I  bet she has heard about Cartasite because they are so well known and respected in the oil and gas industry.

Regardless of what field you are in, there is often a need for a little more indoor space.  However, constructing a new building or making an addition onto an existing one can be costly and difficult.  Luckily, there are other choices, such as pre-engineered steel buildings.  There are various companies that supply pre-engineered steel buildings, but General Steel is the best.  There are a lot of reasons why this is the case, and one of the most significant factors is the fact that General Steel really pioneered in this industry.  Though there are others in the field, General Steel is the most well-known and trusted.

If you do not know much about pre-engineered steel buildings, you should at least make yourself aware of the basic facts.  First of all, they are a little different from most other types of buildings, insofar as the parts are already made, and you simply choose from their various different building types.  This means that you do not get quite as much control as you would, when designing another type of building because the basic design is already taken care of.  However, the advantages of this aspect make them definitely worth it.  For one thing, while a regular building would take years to complete, a pre-engineered steel one can be constructed in a matter of days or weeks, at most.  In addition to the speed with which they can be assembled, they are also better because they are way cheaper than an ordinary building.

Though they are quickly assembled and pre-engineered, the buildings are quite durable and effective.  They can be fitted with any amenities that any other building would have, such as bathrooms, air-conditioning, and the internet.  This means that you can use them for just about anything.  Over the years, General Steel has grown, and it now offers a wide variety of different styles of buildings and building parts.  That is the other benefit of steel buildings, you can incorporate certain pieces into other buildings.  This means that you should look into what General Steel has to offer, regardless of the type of building project you are undergoing.  You may be able to save an incredible amount of money by getting at least some of your materials from General Steel.  Not to mention the fact that you can have your building up and running much sooner, which is good for business, regardless of what industry you are a part of.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of versatility, when it comes to pre-engineered metal buildings and building components.  There is really no limit to what type of building you can make.  Today, a lot of churches are opting to have at least part of their building structure consist of pre-engineered metal parts from General Steel.  This is a good idea because it allows you to save money on the building itself, without skimping on quality, which is good, as it enables you to put your money to use in better ways.

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Now more than ever before it is increasingly simple for anyone to start their own business and get into the market place. Depending on the industry and intention some stores or businesses don’t even need a storefront or location. With a little bit of Internet savvy know how anyone can set up their own business and start selling. The most important thing for any online business it to make sure that you treat your website as you would the store or location. Your website is probably going to be practically the only communication you are going to be getting with some of your customers and so it is incredibly important that your website is able to give the readers all of the information that they need in a very clear, direct and aesthetically pleasing well. On top of all of that now a days it is increasingly important to make sure that your website is able to be easily seen on any number of devices including computers, tablets, phones, or even game consoles. Some companies go really into creating a great web page but then as soon as someone accesses it through a smart phone all of the sudden they can’t go through the website, read any of the text or click on any of the links. More and more websites owners are starting to figure out that small tweeks are going to be necessary in order to have the website functioning properly on any number of devices. The easiest way to get everything fixed up and perfect for your online presence is to hire an advertising agency who also helps clients deal with things like responsive website development and social media utilization. There are a lot of individual designers who are good and love to put together great websites that can easily be what your company wants or there are also a number of advertising agencies who will instead handle a number of things for you and make sure that you really get the best all around Internet push. website design After a short consultation, any ad agency or website developer should be able to tell you what you are doing right so far in regards to your website and your Internet presence and what else could better be done. Once you have a strong Internet presence including different areas of ad placement, SEO writing, responsive website design and a presence on at least four social media sites you have quite the foundation for anyone to be a full-fledged operational and profitable business. Even if you are not really sure how far you should go in at first or what kinds of online marketing would be best for your company and your goals, it can be worth it to talk to someone to at least get a better idea of what your options and possibilities are as a future or current business owner. Even if you start small a website can help you become the business owner you have always dreamt of being.

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Whether it is bath additions, home remodeling, or redesigning a room, changing your home can be quite an undertaking. There are a number of decisions to make that can seriously change the trajectory of your experience. The first one is whether or not to hire the work out, do it yourself, or hire a contractor to hire the work. They each come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Whether or not a particular avenue is appropriate largely depends upon circumstances. One of those is your own skill set. If you have none in terms home repair and remodeling, then you would probably want to go with the contractor route. Another factor is whether or not you can find a good home building contractor. If you can, this can make a world of difference. The second option, which is to hire all of the work yourself, has its own set of risks and needed skill sets. In order for that route to work, the skill you need is the ability to connect to different people and find the right people. If you are not connected to a network of trusted workers that do good work, you return again to the contractor route. I remember years ago when my parents were doing kitchen remodeling. They tried this second route, which is to hire the work themselves. They had a pretty negative experience. As it turns out, there is a wide spectrum of workers in terms of competency, experience, and professionalism. Despite this range, they often charge the same amount of money for their services. Perhaps it is better to say that they the difference in what they charged for their services was not proportional to the difference in their competency and professionalism. My parents did not know this. The tile was messed up. The countertop was not right. The plumbing in the new sink still acts up. The hand to go back and forth with these different workers that they just found themselves. It was an ongoing struggle, and they probably ended up losing a good deal of money on the hassles. If they had known then what they now know, they probably would have gone with a home building contractor. The big difference between their circumstances and if they had used a contractor would have been that the contractor’s network replaces your need to have a network. That is to say that instead of trying to vet every single worker involved in the entire remodeling process, you just vet the contractor. When you find a good contractor, that person then uses a network of workers that have already vetted. And the contractor’s business depends upon his or her network being composed of trusted workers. So it is in the contractor’s best interest to make good hires. Will it cost a little more because you are hiring a contractor. Not necessarily. You think that it would, but I think that the case of my mother and father’s experience with their kitchen is a good example of how it can actually be lucrative.

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Austin water damageOne of the biggest threats to your home is water damage because it can be so difficult to reverse.  Nevertheless, there are emergency water damage specialists who can help you if you are dealing with water in your home.  If there is, indeed, water flowing into your home, you need to call twenty four seven Austin water damage specialists.  Waiting around, at all, is not advisable, which is why they make themselves available twenty four hours a day. When there is a water emergency underway, waiting until normal business hours is downright foolish.

Water damage is classified, by your insurance providers, at least, as either flood damage or water damage.  The techniques required to restore properties that have been hit with either type of damage are very similar, but you must be aware of the difference in how they are handled.  That being said, do not hesitate to call an emergency water damage company because of insurance concerns because they will probably accept your insurance.  Not to mention the fact that ignoring the problem will only make it much more expensive to deal with in the future.  Plus, for the most part, wear damage specialists deal with the insurance companies on a regular basis.  You can let them figure out the details, after the fact.  This will save you time and money, and it will save your property from further harm.

Needless to say, insurance is the least of your worries, when you are dealing with severe water damage, though, as it could literally destroy your house if left unchecked.  It does not matter whether or not the damage was related to flooding or to plumbing problems, severe water leakage can deteriorate the frame of your home.  If the frame of your home becomes soggy and begins to deteriorate, your entire house is at risk.  Having Austin water damage experts promptly handle the damage is the best way to prevent this potential consequence.

The procedures utilized by these water damage specialists are very advanced, especially compared to the way water damage was handled in previous decades.  Whereas before, people thought drying a room the conventional way was sufficient, nowadays, water damage specialists spend a lot of time and effort, utilizing the most advanced equipment, to remove all of the moisture.  Before they can even deem your room safe to return to, they have to inspect it thoroughly, to make sure all of the moisture is gone.  They also need to make sure that there is no bacteria or mold present, as those organisms can develop in wet environments, such as damp basements.  Of course, safety is their number one concern, so you can be sure that if qualified Austin water damage personnel deemed your home safe, it should be completely safe and habitable.  If there is one type of repair issue to take seriously, it is water damage.  It can seriously deteriorate your home, and it can even make it unlivable and unsanitary.  That is why emergency water damage companies exist.

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             With the housing market as it has been for the last seven or eight years, which in flux and unpredictable, buying a house can be a pretty daunting prospect. It is scary to think about the risk that is involved in buying a home. And right now, I am only talking about the market forces. You cannot know if the value of real estate or homes, in general, will change or fluctuate. I am not even referring to the added risk that this involved in the particular home that we are talking about. If there are problem with the house itself, then this adds another level of risk. But there is good news. This class of problems and risk is much more easy to manage and comprehend than the housing market.


When you find the house that fits your needs, your location, and the level of risk that you want to take on, you have to pull the trigger pretty fast. Even in a hot market or a cold market, decisiveness is key. But do not be too quick. A Colorado home inspection can be an investment that will save you a lot of time and effort. Do not get too excited when you see the house on paper (or even in person) without getting a thorough inspection. Just because it meets the criteria as set by the market, it may not be a good buy based on the integrity of the house. In Colorado, radon is a particularly important thing to account for. The levels of radon in your home can be a serious health factor. This is especially the case if you have a basement, which is where the radon comes from, or if you have children, who are particularly susceptible to radon poisoning. Radon testing should be one of the first things you go for.


But there are a number of other things that could disqualify a house from the being a good buy. Mold testing is an important factor to account for when buying a house. You may be thinking of the mold that is on your food when you leave it in the frig for too long. The mold that gets in a house is more persistent than that. Instead, it can be an infestation that will hector you throughout your ownership of the house.


mold testing

I will close on an anecdote about buying a house in Colorado and the important of getting a home inspection before getting too excited. My cousin and her fiancé were moving to Denver from San Francisco. They moved in with someone else, but they were on the house hunt immediately. It consumed them. They were just looking at their phones all of the time. Finally, they found what would be their dream home. They celebrated. They cheered. In their minds, they were already homeowners. But then the inspection came. The house had some serious problems. Instead of doing all of the paperwork for weeks, they could have determined this house was not suitable with a quick home inspection early on.

I live in an area that gets hit multiple times every year with big snow and rainstorms. By the time the weather starts to calm down a bit it becomes quite easy to drive though the neighborhoods and see which house used a good roofer and which didn’t. With all of the snow, ice, rain and wind that our houses have to deal with, the roofs that had sub-par work done on them face a load of problems over time including things such as holes, dents, scrapes, broken or falling off shutters and ice shelving on their gutters. If you haven’t heard of ice shelving before it occurs when the heat of the home warms up the roof, melting the ice on the roof but then refreezing when it settles in the gutters. Once your gutters are full of ice you are really in trouble. RooferThe weight along of all of the ice is enough to push your gutters off of the house and down to the ground. The extra weight of the ice in the gutters can also put a lot of strain on the roof, which can do quite a bit of damage on the roof as well. Even if you are safe from ice shelving, if the roofers who worked on your home did not do a great job the bad weather can tear off or otherwise damage the shingles on your roof. Once this happens it is only a matter of time before you start facing sever risks of your roof leaking which is not only terrible for your roof but can do a lot of damage to the interior of your home depending on where and how bad the leak becomes. Another common problem many home owners face in this neighborhood because of bad roofing companies is that if the roof is not done correctly, there can be issues of unintended runoff, which can lead to wearing of the sides of the house and can over time even cause parts of your home to rot. After seeing all of these different things happen a few times to different homes in our neighborhood I have become incredibly careful about which roofing company I hire to do any roof replacement or repair.  Your roof is a big investment that is the main level of protection for your biggest investment, your home. If something goes wrong with your roof it is just a long slide downhill after that. That is why it is so important to find a competent roofing company that will do the work correctly and take their time. The roof will still need the occasional repair but it should be nothing compare to the hassle and stress of constantly repairing a roof that was put on poorly or carelessly. When choosing a roofing company, try talking to your neighbors, see if they have any recommendations for roofers that they have worked with in the past who have done good work. That is probably the best way to get a feel for the best roofing company in your area.

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There are many ways in which home design and more specifically kitchen design can demonstrate the mindset of the modern person. We have seen this throughout time. Whatever humanity or at least a certain culture understands to be valuable or important at a given time in history tends to get played out in the way that their home looks. This includes the kitchen. Modern kitchen design specifically takes into account ergonomics, a trend focusing on efficiency and functionality, with a tip of the hat to the importance of treating the human both with respect and avoiding aches and pains. This notion has set a variety of designs off into different orbits. The modern work station is completely different from the old fashioned desk and desk chair, neither of which are considered ergonomically functional or helpful. Today, the modern kitchen avoids excess bending, twisting, or putting the body out of alignment in any way. By focusing on these positive trends of space efficiency as well as easy access to materials, the modern kitchen has moved forward in the world. Here are a few of the trends in modern kitchen design to take note of:

http://www.thekitchenshowcase.comFirst, form follows function. This principle led us into the era of the modern kitchen cabinet and continues to develop the way in which these cabinets are understood and utilized. New features of cabinets include some very simple steps as well as some increasingly complex ones. The new cabinets vary in size, in depth and width and length, based on the intended function of the drawer or cabinet. For example, when you have cookware to store, a shallow cabinet does not do you much good. It is difficult to fit everything into the space and even harder to reach in and pull out what you need without pulling something in your back or shoulder. In order to make this process easier, cabinets are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to facilitate the process of organization with the most ease on the mind and the body.

The aforementioned deeper cabinet design is not the only forward thinking trend we see in the modern kitchen. The next trend is an aesthetic one, and one that focuses on the need to present a clean and clear surface in the kitchen. This means that there are certain things that need to be hidden, such as the trash and recycling bins as well as the other unwanted parts of the kitchen, such as excess noise. Who likes to hear kitchen cabinets banging anyway? In order to combat these issues, the era of the “pull out” was ushered in. There are pull out drawers that let you extend the drawer much farther than used to be possible. There are mechanisms that help to pull the trash can out as well. Regardless, it makes access to the necessities easy without the hassle of having to see them in plain sight. New innovations on drawer design even allow you to make the drawers quiet when you close them. Now, that is what I called improved kitchen design!

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The wealth management landscape is changing in America.  After the last stock market crash, many high net worth families lost considerable chunks of their fortunes.  There is a new way of thinking about wealth management.  While many advisors will tell you the key to safety is in diversification, the truth is that for the high net worth investor, there isn’t any simple phrase or saying that is worth taking to heart.  Each high net worth investor is unique and different than all the others.  For this reason, Marty Erzinger at Sanctuary Wealth Advisors has created a totally new paradigm in the world of wealth advising.  It starts with robust research and due diligence.  Sanctuary Wealth Advisors uses 14 different chartered financial analysts in order to scientifically match an investor with the right investment.  There is a new world of alternative investment possibilities.  Sanctuary can run each investors numbers through the alternative investment models to try an match an investor with a new and exciting investment opportunity.  By incorporating 14 different chartered financial analysts, the odds of a bad investment in a portfolio drop significantly.   Sanctuary uses 250 separate account managers, which is just another way that allow them to totally customize each investors strategy.  There are more than 40 different recognized asset styles that are available.  Marty Erzinger founded Sanctuary Wealth Advisors because he realized there was no one that was serving the high net worth investor with the kind of customization that was necessary to accommodate the unique obstacles that high net worth investors face.  Issues like philanthropic planning, inheritance tax, estate tax and asset allocation modeling are just some of the services that Sanctuary Wealth Advisors can customize for the high net worth investor.  In the end, it is the customization that set Sanctuary apart from other investment advisors.  Some of the richest families in Colorado have their wealth managed by Marty Erzinger because they know that the strategies that he creates for them take into account all the different aspects of their family’s personality and wealth.  His strategies have been called genius by his industry.  While they might be genius, they are also common sense.  Marty simply works harder and smarter than anyone else in the industry.  The customization of a investment and management strategy is the foundation of making sure that your fortune continues to grow no matter what happens to the economy around you.  For high net worth families, considerations of wealth shrinkage by way of taxes because of transference are a huge fear.  But, the solution to one family’s wealth shrinkage might not be the same as the solution to another family’s wealth shrinkage.  A comprehensive wealth management plan will allow your family to trust in the strategy and the advisor.  The fear of wealth shrinkage will disappear once you are in the hands of Sanctuary Wealth Managers.  When you are in the unique position of needing a wealth manager for your family’s fortune, trust what the other privileged few have trusted: Marty Erzinger at Sanctuary Wealth Managers.

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